ALL OF US comments on possibility of Cina attacking Taiwan

Washington has pledged to take “every step” to prevent an assault on the isle by Beijing

America will take “ every single step ” to make sure that China will never invade Taiwan, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated on Thursday.

Speaking at the Economic Club conference in Wa, Sullivan suggested that Beijing is “ cautiously looking ” at this point at the events in Ukraine following the launch of Russia’s military offensive in Feb, “ to learn training writ large, including regarding Taiwan. ”

Stressing that “ the situation with Ukraine and the situation with Taiwan is not the same , ” Sullivan nevertheless underlined that, over the last few weeks, US authorities have been telling its allies and partners that “ this kind of thing can occur in Europe, this kind of matter can also happen in the Indo-Pacific. ”

And it’s incumbent upon responsible countries on earth to send a clear message that will any type of aggression is undesirable, wherever it happens, ” the White House security adviser said.

When asked where the US government would stand if China invades Taiwan, Sullivan responded: “ Our official government plan is that we are going to take every step we possibly can to ensure it never happens . ”

Since 1949, Taiwan has de facto already been independent from mainland Tiongkok, which, however , has generally considered the island to be part of its territory plus views it as a breakaway province.

Chinese President Xi Jinping underlined earlier that China may not stop short of using pressure against Taiwan if the 25-million-strong island tries to cut ties with Beijing. However , the peaceful solution apparently remains preferable for Chinese specialists.

Despite spotting Beijing as the sole genuine authority in China since 1979, the US is maintaining strong unofficial ties using the island and supports it militarily. At present, a abordnung of US lawmakers is going to Taipei, much to the annoyance of Beijing.

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