Expenses Maher Tells Joe Rogan Dems Party of ‘No Common Sense’, Will Get ‘A** Kicked’ in Midterms

“The left has gotten goofier, so I seem more conservative, maybe. However like it’s not me exactly who changed, ” says liberal comedian.

HBO’s “ Real Time” host Bill Maher blasted Democrats as the party of “ no common sense” last week during an appearance on “ The Later on Rogan Experience” and cautioned they were fixing to get decimated in the upcoming midterms.

Maher told host Joe Rogan that he hasn’t gotten more traditional, but rather the Democrat Party has gotten “ goofier. ”

“ People say to me ‘ don’t you think you’ve gotten a lot more conservative? ‘ No, We haven’t. The left offers gotten goofier, so I appear more conservative, maybe. But , like it’s not me who also changed, ” Maher told Rogan, before listing far-left talking points he disagrees with, including  abolishing the police,   excessive government investing, and LGBT ideology.

“ There was simply no talk about pregnant men, and looting was still unlawful, ” he said regarding liberal politics in years past.

Maher then tried offering advice to the Democrats if they have any hope of winning the midterms.

“ I’m at all times saying to the Democrats simply don’t be the party associated with no common sense, and you will be amazed at how much amazing success you will have as opposed to what’s going to occur, which is they’re going to get their rear end kicked in November, ” he said.

Recent polling support Maher’s remarks, showing Joe Biden’s approval at an all-time low at 33% .

Even CNN was lately forced to admit that Biden’s record-low disapproval signals Democrats are poised for a shellacking in the midterms.

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