“Not What We Are Seeing” – US Intel Officials Deny Biden’s “Genocide” Claims

Earlier this week,   Chief executive Biden appeared to veer away script in the middle of his ‘ blame Putin, not our idiotic policies, for your collapsing cost of living’ speech, when he dropped the ‘ g’ word… “ Your family budget, your ability to fill your tank, none of it should hinge on whether the dictator declares war plus […]#@@#@!!

Earlier this week,   President Biden appeared to veer off script in the center of his ‘ blame Putin, not our idiotic procedures, for your collapsing cost of living’ speech, when he dropped the ‘ g’ word…

“ Your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank, none of it should hinge on whether a dictator declares war plus commits  genocide   half a world aside. ”

As the world waited for another rapid walk-back by White House staffers of another Biden gaffe, the 79-year-old doubled-down…

“ Yes, I called it genocide. Because it has become  clearer and clearer that Putin is simply trying to wipe out the idea of being able to be Ukrainian . ”

The comments sparked reactions from around the diplomatic entire world.

France President Emmanuel Macron was your most outspoken ,   refusing to back again Biden’s claim that Russia is definitely committing “ genocide” in Ukraine . The French head instead warned that an escalation of rhetoric wouldn’t provide peace.

On the same day Biden  accused Russia of genocide ,   Newsweek   published an article quoting a mature official from the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency who said the civilian casualties within Ukraine are typical of modern warfare  and “ hardly” amount to genocide.

The  DIA official : said  “ I am not really for a second excusing Russia’s war crimes, nor forgetting that Russia invaded the nation. ”

But the number of actual deaths is usually hardly genocide . When Russia had that objective or was intentionally eliminating civilians,   we would see a lot more than lower than. 01 percent in areas like Bucha , ” the official emphasized.  

As expected, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov responded, according to  Reuters , emphasizing the hypocrisy of a US military machine which has committed “ reputed crimes” in the recent past.

“ This is hardly acceptable from a leader of the United States, a country which has committed well-known crimes in recent times, ”   Peskov described.

All of which leads to the weekend break and a rather shocking survey from no lessor mainstream media outlet than  NBC News .

NBC News reported on Friday, citing mature government officials, that Chief executive Biden’s accusation made earlier this week that Moscow was committing “ genocide” in Ukraine has raised concerns among officials in the White-colored House and has not been confirmed by US cleverness agencies.

The claim of genocide “ has so far not really been corroborated by details collected by US intelligence agencies, ”   the report said.

Worse still, NBC quoted two State Department officials as saying that  Biden’s remarks “ made it harder for the company to credibly do the job. ”

“ Genocide includes a objective of destroying an cultural group or nation plus, so far, that is not what we are usually seeing, ”   a U. H. intelligence official said.

NBC do provide some cover yet, in a later paragraph, declaring that there is concern within the cleverness community that Russia’s actions in the next phase of the battle could amount to genocide, and something official said that assessment could be part of what prompted Biden to take a public position that’s ahead of his own govt.

What is possibly more shocking about this is always that it is NBC News which is reporting this – a bad look for a president who depends significantly on the mainstream press to clean up his messes with gaslighting and memory space holes.

In the event you wondered, the official word from The White House is comical in its brevity:

“ These aren’t gaffes, ”   mentioned one person close to the White Home.   “ He’s doing this very purposefully. ”

As the world tip-toes towards WWIII, should we be reassured simply by that?

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