WTF: Parent In Easter Rabbit Costume Hands Out Condom-Filled Eggs To Children around Texas

“We are working to review your safety protocols to ensure this does not happen again. It was an incredibly careless and inappropriate move of a parent, ” a powerful AISD spokesperson said.

The Austin texas Independent School District is usually reviewing safety protocols following a parent dressed up as the Easter Bunny reportedly handed out Easter eggs filled with condoms to young students on grounds.

In a very letter sent to parents from the Gullett Elementary School principal Tammy Thompson last week, the “ inappropriate” actions of the father or mother were not sanctioned or sanctioned of by the school.

“ We are attempting to review our safety practices to ensure this does not happen once more, ” the letter look at. “ It was an incredibly sloppy and inappropriate action of the parent. ”

One ASID parent said in a social media post for Thursday that he’s “ not sure this is the  Austin tx weird I signed up for. ”

“ A parent showed up at my kids’ elementary school dressed as an Easter Rabbit during pickup. He handed out eggs, mostly filled with sugary snacks. Some with unopened condoms. Not sure this is the Austin odd I signed up for, ” tweeted Nathan Jensen.

But Jensen as well claimed that the whole incident could have been a big misunderstanding.

“ A pharmacologist ran a clinic inside a bunny suit about secure sex. She picked up your girlfriend 2nd grader in gown and handed out some nice. Got mobbed by little ones, ran out of candy plus called her husband. Your girlfriend husband brought the wrong ova. Chaos ensued, ” the person tweeted.

The Austin texas ISD Police Department seems to have spoken to the parent which is investigating whether to press charges.

“ Currently, the youngest learners in Austin ISD aren’t sometimes learning anything related to ‘ human sexuality and task, ‘” KXAN reported . “ K-2 lessons are on hold for the reason that district works to revise instruction based on recent legislation. ”

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