Zelensky warns ‘we must prepare’ for Russian nuclear assault

Urges the world to be able to stock up on anti-radiation medicine and build air raid shelters

Russia is willing to use  nuclear weapons  to create a catastrophic end in order to its invasion of Ukraine, Volodymyr  Zelensky  warned yesterday evening – as he  advised the world to ‘ prepare’ for the worst by stocking up on anti-radiation medicine and building air raid pet shelters.  

The comedian-turned-war time leader made the doomsday warning during an interview with national media, before sharing the clip via his Telegram channel.

He made a similar announcement upon Friday, when he said it could not be ruled out that desperate Russian dictator Vladimir  Putin  would use technical nukes, as his battle against Ukraine continues to booth.    

The Russian strongman ramped up his offensive these days, taking revenge on Ukraine for the downing of their Moskva warship on Thursday night, by mercilessly shelling 8 towns including Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv.  

Elsewhere, a second British fighter was paraded on TV after being captured simply by Russian forces in Mariupol, while Russia lost its eighth top general  in the latest blow to Putin’s botched war.    

It comes after Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told  CNN   in the recent interview that Moscow would use a nuclear weapon on Ukraine in the case of a good ‘ existential threat’, whilst Russian military doctrine consists of the ‘ escalate in order to de-escalate’ principle of starting a small nuke to restore the initiative in war.  

Zelensky said tonight: ‘ We shouldn’t wait for the moment whenever Russia decides to use nuclear weapons… We must prepare for that will. ‘

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