Image: Ukraine War Weekend Upgrade

Independent journalist Patrick Lancaster risks his life to offer an alternative view of the continuing conflict

Independent journalist Patrick Lancaster continues providing special coverage of the Ukraine-Russia turmoil.

Embedded with the DPR & Ruskies military, Lancaster has been recording firsthand accounts from citizens and footage exposing the particular disturbing realities of war.

This set associated with videos is the first time Lancaster has reported from Eastern Mariupol.

Fri, the American military veteran-turned reporter talked with a woman in Mariupol who explained citizens being killed by shelling as bodies put in the background.

The woman, like hundreds of others interviewed over the past few months, told Lancaster she is sure it is Ukrainian Azov troops exactly who shoot at the civilians, stating, “ I don’t know why the troops who are contacted to protect us are shelling us. ”

Some of the deceased individuals filmed had white bands tied around their necks or even wrists, signaling they were killed by Ukrainian troops to be loyal to Russia or even trying to surrender.

Lancaster uploaded several reports on Saturday, the first being a compilation associated with civilian testimonies describing Ukraine military members firing upon citizens.

Individuals at a bomb shelter told him, “ If it had been Russia, I would tell you, but it was Ukraine” firing at the locals.

Anyone lost their mother plus wife because of the allegedly Ukrainian mortars.

A young woman who had a bit of shrapnel plunged into her leg said that not only do the Ukrainian Army destroy the houses in her area, but that the Ruskies Army was the group who else helped them with food and taken out them from the danger area.

As Lancaster talked using the people in the bomb protection, Russian troops arrived to assist evacuate those who wished to proceed to a safer location.

Children were given priority while evacuating the citizens.

On Sunday, Lancaster filmed outside the Ilicha steel and iron plant in Mariupol where massive battles left buildings, streets and vehicles destroyed.

An amazing video uploaded Monday shows the united states military veteran reporting from the live battle scene inside a DPR-Russia-controlled area of Mariupol.

While filming, a team of citizens informed Lancaster and also a soldier he was touring with that an elderly lady was trapped in a constructing hit by a Ukrainian mortar.

The woman experienced a broken spine according to one soldier, so they could hardly pick her up to consider her to safety.

The latest update from Lancaster arrived Monday when he published footage of the “ Road of Death” in Ilicha, Mariupol.

The scenes filmed are similar to those in the Bucha massacre popular media across the globe used to state the Russians are doing war crimes.

A man wandering the roads, walking past dozens of his dead peers, vented their frustration at Ukrainian Leader Zelensky, and the “ terrorist” Azov members of the Ukraine military who are committing “ genocide. ”

There are definitely two sides to the weakling conflict, but the vast majority associated with media outlets are ignoring the massive amount of proof showing Ukrainian war criminal offenses.

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