Notice Joe Biden’s New Handlers: Jill Biden & The Easter Bunny

Jill Biden instructs baffled Joe to wave on the crowd after delivering comments.

Joe Biden was kept on a tight leash during Easter celebrations at the White House this past weekend, with Jill Biden and even the Easter Bunny noticed keeping him in line.

After Later on delivered remarks to the group from the White House upon Sunday, Jill was noticed telling Joe to wave to the crowd.

“ Wave… wave! ” Jill hissed at the girl confused husband, as he haltingly obeyed.

Biden was also restricted from reading to children during the kid-friendly Easter event, and instead tasked by Jill to hold in the book for her to read.

“ They’re not going to allow me to read at all, ” Biden lamented.

Elsewhere during the event, Joe was seen wandering off to talk to children in the crowd, prompting somebody in an Easter Bunny costume to intervene and direct Joe away from them to meander in a different direction.

Even the Easter Bunny has more power compared to puppet president. The only benefit of Biden’s dementia is that he is able to hide his own Easter ovum.

This comes several days after Biden admitted during a visit simply by former President Barack Obama that he’s not the real president, evidenced also by the crowd ignoring the puppet president in support of swarming around Obama after a speech.

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