The Plan To Destroy America Has been Built Around Electing a Brain-Dead Sock Puppet Concealing In Basement With Cover up & Diapers — And Now Everyone Knows It

The Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy America from within is the plan being carried out by communists and globalists today, rebranded as the Great Reset.

I am just just back from Florida where I had the great praise of speaking at a “ Club 45” event with two speakers- myself plus President Donald J. Trump. Thousands of tickets sold out in 20 minutes. We had the wild, raucous, standing-room-only masses inside the ballroom of the Hand Beach Airport Hilton.

The main theme of the back-to-back speeches associated with President Trump and personally was A) the rigged, stolen 2020 election and B) the purposeful devastation of America that is getting carried out by Joe Biden, the illegitimate president of the United States, and his radical handlers.

I pulled no punches. I described Later on Biden as a “ old, weak, feeble, brain-dead sock puppet with dementia, concealing in the basement with a face mask and diapers. ” Being a bonus, he’s also one of the most corrupt politician in history, and owned lock, stock plus barrel by China and the Chinese Communist Party.

I described the particular Democrat Party as, “ A party of evil, revolutionary, communist, fascist, racist, Godless, America-haters who can’t figure out which bathroom to use… and who believe individuals are like frogs… and they can transform their sex on an by the hour basis. ”

I told the masses, “ We are in a war between good and wicked. This is a battle of normal All-American patriots vs . baffled, bizarre, mentally-ill weirdos who are drunk with power… and want to enslave us, ban all of us, censor us, brainwash us, ruin our careers plus destroy our country.

I also identified who is really running the country- this is the third term of Barack Obama. Obama may be the ventriloquist with his hand upward puppet Biden’s back, producing Biden’s mouth move. Obama is carrying out the plan in order to destroy America with report speed.

Yet Obama is just an order-taker. The order-givers are bad billionaire communists and globalists George Soros and Klaus Schwab, combined with the Chinese Communist Party. That’s who actually runs America at this moment. Each day, with every new action, they make our nation weaker and China stronger.

I identified the actual plan they are undertaking to destroy America- that it is called “ Cloward-Piven. ” I learned it being a student at Columbia College, Class of 1983. Cloward and Piven were a husband-wife professor team in Columbia.

My classmates back then all bragged about being Marxists, communists, socialists and globalists. They all had an intense hatred designed for America, American exceptionalism, capitalism, white people, and most of all- conservatives.

They bragged about their particular goal to destroy The united states with Cloward-Piven, by overpowering the system with welfare plus debt, thereby causing a collapse of the US economy.

My most prominent classmate back then was Barack Hussein Obama.

Cloward-Piven is the plan being carried out today. But to do it these types of radical communist traitors required to update the plan. They required to…

A) Have a front man who does not scare the American voting public- a friendly, cheerful, old white man through the DC establishment.

B) Even better if he was suffering from dementia- they might easily manipulate this horrible old man into signing everything they put in front of him.

C) Then they needed to open the borders like never before, encouraging millions of bad guys and welfare addicts in order to illegally come across the border, to overwhelm the system with crime, welfare and financial debt.

D) Like a bonus they could count on all of these foreigners to overwhelm the particular voting system too- therefore out voting American-born people.

E) Add in Covid lockdowns, vaccine requires, massive inflation and communist/racist/transgender brainwashing of our young people. Such a toxic mix.

It’s all taking place in America today under dementia sock puppet Biden. Yet today the plan has been re-branded as “ The Great Reset. ”

Have you seen the latest video of Joe Biden endeavoring to shake hands with an unseen person that only he sees? And then turning and walking nowhere in particular, wandering plus mumbling to himself, whilst shuffling like a 100-year outdated who needs a nurse by his side.

Now everyone understands.

They will used non-threatening, white-haired Biden to convince naive, welfare-addicted, low-information voters to election for a harmless grandfather, without realizing they were really voting for the destruction of The united states and the end of capitalism.  

After that to make sure they won, Democrats rigged the election within six key battleground states with fake mail-in ballots, together with no Voter IDENTIFICATION required and no signature match. They threw in fraudulent ballot harvesting; unguarded ballot “ drop boxes; ” and they made sure to remove His party witnesses from ballot keeping track of rooms.

The American people are waking up. Everybody sees Biden for the dementia puppet he is. Even CNN admitted this week that Biden’s poll numbers are the lowest of any president of all time.

Biden the particular puppet, propped up as the particular fraudulent front man, opened the door for the destruction associated with America.

And now we have Cloward-Piven, aka “ the Great Reset. ”

Klaus Schwab: “ No one Will Be Safe If Not Everyone Is Vaccinated, Global Prosperity Tax, etc . ”

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