View: Cop Lays Out Boisterous, uproarious Trans BLM Protester

The particular punch was caught on camera!

Viral footage from a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania suburb shows a police officer punching a demonstrator in the face and knocking them to the ground.

Protesters gathered on Fri on behalf of a black man named Jim Rogers who had been killed in October 2021 after he was tased eight periods by Pittsburgh law enforcement officers.

During the demonstration, Wilkinsburg law enforcement arrived and tried to get an unruly group to relocate from an intersection these were blocking.

As officers tried dispersing the crowd, several protesters became hostile and shoving matches broke out there when one cop attempted to make an arrest.

At one stage, a protester grabbed the particular officer’s wrist to stop him from making an apprehension and a struggle ensued.

The officer wrestling with the protester struck them with a quick left hook and they also fell like a sack of potatoes.

When the protester hit the pavement, a police K-9 could be observed running up to them, however the dog had its snout on and did not queue the individual.

Regardless of this being clearly shown upon camera, other demonstrators yelled at the cops, claiming, “ They put a dog on this person. ”

In addition they say the officer hit a woman, but the demonstrator seems to be a biological male whom identifies as a girl.

The protester was released soon after being imprisoned, and their “ comrades” have already called for donations for their Cash App.

Photos unearthed simply by journalist Andy Ngô   show the punched protester, Vuestro Merced, previously wearing a beard.

More recent photos show Merced shaved and posing near a “ Black Trans Lives Matter” sign.

Another Tweets user found a video Merced posted where they guide what is supposed to be a “ workout” routine.

This is the stereotypical modern-day leftist protester.

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