Above all No Longer Requires Masks

Shift comes after federal judge overturns federal mask mandate

One by one all the  political , pardon “ scientific” restrictions of the covid era are falling towards the wayside, and it only got a looming midterm selection with internal polling showing just how unpopular Joe Biden’s nanny state had become, to make it happen… not to mention the brave 35-year-old judge that called out the bullshit on two years of idiocy.

Just hours after virtually all air carriers abandoned the Biden admin’s ridiculous mask mandate, which usually study after study discovered achieved  zero mitigation  in covid transmission yet prolonged for more than two years due to the fact liberals had to signal their virtue somehow and had to impose their virtue signaling on everyone else, this morning Uber announced that it too will no longer ask riders and drivers in the U. S. to decorate masks, joining a growing number of main transport providers shifting their own policies.

Uber’s relaxing of its mask guidelines comes after U. S. airlines said they would no longer require travelers or employees to wear face coverings on household and some international flights. A U. S. judge on Monday overturned a federal requirement for passengers to cover their faces.

“ Remember: many people still really feel safer wearing a mask because of personal or family health situations, so please be respectful of their preferences, ” Above all said in a statement .

In the U. K., Above all already relaxed its rules for mask-wearing in line with government advice.

The particular reversal follows two of the Biden nanny state key enforcers, the Transportation Security Administration and the CDC, stating on Monday that  companies would no longer be able to purchase passengers to wear masks on public transportation,   although each agencies recommended their ongoing use.

Nevertheless, some places continue to impose the idiocy: that bastion of crime, New York City, lately delayed plans to remove the mask mandate in city schools and day-care centers for children under age group 5, saying cases associated with Covid-19 are rising again.

Judge Andrew Napolitano of JudgeNap. com joins The Alex Jones Show in a powerful new interview .

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