America Wake Up (Or Waco) – 3rd Edition

More Alex Jones adventures at Waco.

twenty nine years ago today, the federal government ended a 51-day standoff with Branch Davidians near Waco, Texas, by laying siege to their compound resulting in the particular deaths of nearly 80 men, women and children.

Commemorate the anniversary of the government’s grisly massacre with Mike Hanson’s Third Edition of his epic documentary film, “ America Wake Up (Or Waco), ” which features new exclusive footage of Alex Jones helping rebuild the church at Mt. Carmel, and interviews with making it through Branch Davidians who lost their families.

Jones also confronts U. S. Bureau associated with Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms undercover agent Robert Rodriguez, and we also hear responses from Branch Davidian innovator David Koresh’s brother.

This is the third edition of Mike Hanson’s documentary film, with previous editions being released in 2001 plus 1999 respectively.

At Long Last The New Alex Jones 2021 Waco Documentary Featuring Unseen Footage

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