Intensive Ukraine War Battle Caught On Camera!

Residents rescued as a firefight happens

Indie journalist and US army veteran Patrick Lancaster captured footage of a firefight in between DPR-Russian forces and the Azov Brigade of the Ukraine military.

Whilst reporting in the streets associated with war-torn Mariupol on Tuesday, a fierce battle pennyless out.

Citizens caught in the firing line of a nearby sniper were brought to safety by the troops accompanying Lancaster.

Evidence of a current bombing could be seen in the footage as the bodies associated with several citizens lay on the floor, one person’s corpse still burning.

Based on Lancaster, Russian forces assert this is likely the last week of intense fighting prior to they fully take over the city of Mariupol.

A recent report published by Latin American news wall plug Telesur featured several interviews with Mariupol citizens declaring their own military has been eliminating them in what would be atrocious war crimes.

The Ukraine military’s Azov Battalion has been accused of murdering hundreds of innocent civilians since the war kicked off.

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