Legendary: Airplane Passengers Cheer Right after Pilot Announces End to Mask Mandate

Passengers aboard a Delta Airline flight celebrated after their own pilot stepped into the cabin to personally make the statement.

People aboard airliners celebrated Monday after the TSA said it would no longer enforce federal face mask mandates aboard flights and at airports following a Florida district court judge’s ruling .

Footage going viral on social media shows travellers aboard a Delta Air travel celebrating after the pilot stepped into the cabin to personally make the announcement.

William LeGate, who else filmed and posted the video to Twitter, said air travel attendants gave free drinks to customers in celebration of the masks coming away from.

A person on another Delta flight filmed their air travel attendant giving passengers the particular happy news, with clients giving a similar reaction.

Alaska Air passengers also cheered after their pilot announced face masks were now optional.

An Allegiant Airline flight attendant was also shot telling customers masks were no longer mandated.

By Monday evening United, Alaska, American, Delta plus Southwest Airlines had all of the made masks optional; CEOs for all five airlines had penned a joint letter last month requesting an end to the mandates based on higher vaccinations rates and reduced infection, death and hospitalization rates.

More on this as it develops…

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