WaPo “Tech Reporter” Taylor Lorenz Under Fire For Doxxing ‘Libs Of TikTok’, Harassing Family

This is the exact same Taylor Lorenz who stopped working in tears because individuals published her private information on the web, which she said led to PTSD and having to serious relationships.

Wa Post   ‘ tech reporter’ Taylor Lorenz has come under fire meant for doxxing the person behind ‘ Libs of TikTok’ –   a Twitter accounts dedicated to amplifying unhinged TikTok rants by Democrats and other leftists, including shocking videos of public school teachers whom harbor extreme views.

The crux of Lorenz’s hit piece is that Libs of TikTok spreads “ anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment” and should be outed and shamed for “ acting as a wire service for the broader right-wing media ecosystem” and “ affecting teachers’ ability to feel safe in their classrooms. ”

This is the same Taylor Lorenz who  broke down within tears   because people published her personal information online, which she said led to PTSD and having to sever relationships.

This is also the same Taylor swift Lorenz who, not two weeks ago, said Doxxing plus stalking is ‘ not really ok in any situation. ‘

And yet, here’s Taylor  harassing family members of ‘ libs of TikTok’   on Monday, before she doxxed the woman behind the account.

The woman who runs Libs associated with TikTok, whose name we have been withholding, was doxxed right after someone connected her Tweets “ data-user-id” to an accounts which  claimed   to have been in the January 6th rally on the Capitol, though she failed to enter the building as part of the so-called ‘ insurrection. ‘

Now, Lorenz is taking heat to get doxxing yet another private person .

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