MSNBC Guest Tells Travelers to Keep Wearing Masks, Bring Extra supplies for Other Passengers

‘I know this sounds crazy, but… ‘

An MSNBC guest ridiculously encouraged airline passengers to continue wearing masks and provide extras for fellow tourists, despite most airlines losing the federal mask mandate.

Subsequent announcements by most major airlines making masks optionally available Monday, the far-left false news outlet consulted physician who advised travelers to maintain the masks on and admitting the notion “ seems crazy. ”

“ If individuals want to stay safe, the great thing they can do – high quality masks, and that when possible carry some extra masks – I know this sounds crazy, but if you tell somebody next to you on a aircraft, KN95, or surgical mask, and just say, ‘ We’ve got an elderly mother at home. I’ve got a child with cancer at home. Are you going to please do me a prefer? ‘”

She’s correct – that definitely sounds crazy, but the lady wasn’t done.

The lunatic expert continued to tell travelers to also bring along Covid rapid assessments.

“ Having the people at least closest to you in that row protecting your self and them can be the best safety. So carry some extra masks with you, carry a few rapid tests with you for anyone who is traveling. ”

Judging by the reactions seen on air carriers , where most people appear relieved to be removing the face masks, asking fellow people muzzle up probably won’t look at so well.

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