The german language Media Falsely Claims Muslim Riots in Sweden Had been “Right Wing Demos”

Fact check.

German media outlets taken care of immediately violent riots in Sweden mainly involving Muslim migrants by claiming the unrest occurred as a result of “ right-wing demos. ”

Yes, really.

Multiple Swedish cities and cities have been hit with violent domestic condition over the past week, unrest that will continued into the Easter weekend break as 26 police officers were injured.

Mobs of Muslim migrant young ones set police vehicles burning down and hurled stones on police officers, with some shouting, “ Allahu Akbar” during the rampage.

Because the Associated Press reported, Swedish authorities said the riots specifically targeted police and were the work of “ criminal gangs, ” a common euphemism for Muslim migrant youths.

“ There is a lot to claim that the police were targeted, ” said Sweden’s National Law enforcement Commander Jonas Hysing, noting that “ the main target for the rioters was Swedish police and society, ” not Rasmus Paludan, the right-wing politician who endangered to burn copes of the Koran.

Muslim youths routinely stage riots in Swedish cities in response to authorities arresting violent bad guys. Large scale riots also occurred in 2020.

However , according to the The german language media, the riots were actually staged by shadowy right-wing extremists.

Broadcaster ZDF reported there were “ riots with right-wing demos” in Malmo.

“ After the approval of right-wing rallies, there were riots again in Sweden during the night., ” states the article, with no mention that the police had been actually being attacked simply by Muslim gangs.

“ To the uninformed audience, the riots actually included right-wing extremists attacking law enforcement, ” reports ReMix News .

“ The article appears to be an attempt by the ZDF in order to downplay the role of Muslims in yet another community disturbance in the already highly-troubled immigrant neighborhoods in Swedish cities. ”

Tagesschau also downplayed the responsibility of Muslim migrants for that riots, reporting, “ Within Sweden there were violent protests in several cities on Sunday evening and Sunday night time after a right-wing extremist celebration was allowed to hold rallies. ”

“ Other German-language outlets experienced even more egregious content around the riots, with the Austrian on-line portal OE24 headline for any video reading: “ Riots in Malmö: right-wing extremists set fire to a tour bus. ” This is an outright sit. No right-wing extremists were involved in any of the rioting or even arson attacks over the weekend, ” writes John Cody.

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