The ussr Tests Nuclear-Capable ICBM Because Putin Warns Enemies It’s ‘Food For Thought’

“Sarmat is the most powerful missile with the greatest hitting range in the world. It is going to significantly strengthen the combat power of the Russian tactical nuclear armed forces, ” the particular Russian Defense Ministry mentioned.

In a new ‘ message’ aimed at the West,   Russia on Wednesday test launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile, the Sarmat, according to  Interfax   citing the Russian defense ministry.

President Vladimir  Putin  said   in a statement which accompanied the announcement that the brand new Sarmat missile will provide  “ food to get thought for those who try to endanger Russia. ”   He congratulated the armed forces on the successful test start. According to another translation, he said that the Sarmat will “ make the madmen who also attempt to threaten Russia believe. ”

“ Sarmat is the most powerful missile with  the biggest hitting range in the world . It can significantly strengthen the fight power of the Russian tactical nuclear armed forces, ” the particular Russian Defense Ministry mentioned.

The test happened in Russia’s far north, reportedly at the  Plesetsk spaceport which lies about 800 km north of Moscow.  

According to a state media  description , “ The missile was developed as a replacement for your ICBM R-36M2 (NATO Confirming Name SS-18 Satan). It is expected to be effective in wrecking enemy strategic targets around the globe with kinetic impact power and without the use of the nuclear warhead. ”

The Kremlin launched footage of the Wednesday release of the “ Satan” …

Lately there’s been widespread rumours over whether Putin will be “ willing” to use tactical nukes in Ukraine – something which Foreign Minister Lavrov categorically rejected in  Tuesday statements .

On Wednesday Foreign Minister  Sergei Lavrov was asked in an job interview with India Today regarding the possibility of using nukes, that he  responded that   The ussr will only use conventional weaponry in Ukraine .

Meanwhile, in another alarming development acquired by Russia observers…

And in Washington…

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