CNN’s Cillizza Sounds Alarm: ‘Directionless White House’ Creating a ‘Mess For Democrats’

“It’s all a mess meant for Democrats. And a mess without any clear – or easy – solutions, ” he admits that.

CNN political commentator Chris Cillizza issued a stark caution to Democrats: Joe Biden’s “ directionless” White House is torpedoing your chances of winning the upcoming midterms.

In an evaluation called “ Coach anyone how to a very bad few days intended for Joe Biden , ” Cillizza explained Wednesday the fact that Florida judge’s ruling towards mask mandates for public transportation, pushback against the administration’s rescinding of Title 42, as well as the Democrats’ lack of legislative benefits is “ projecting an image of a directionless White House led by a President whose tendency to veer away message is only adding to their problems. ”

“ All of this comes as Biden is at or near his low ebb with regards to job approval during his term, ” Cillizza pointed out. “ In  CNN’s latest poll of polls   – typically the last four national polls – Biden’s approval rating is at just 39% among Americans, with his disapproval from 55%. ”

“ In short: Biden didn’t have a lot of goodwill left with the public prior to this week. But the conflicting messages coming out of the White House – and the broader Democratic Party – make it appear like there is no plan to turn factors around in advance of the midterm elections, which are now approximately 200 days off. ”

To make matters worse, he said, Biden is choosing to deflect blame onto Russian Leader Vladimir Putin rather than own up to the rampant inflation plus COVID chaos.

“ Perhaps in an attempt to address this sense of a lack of direction, Biden put out a number of tweets Wednesday morning blaming inflation on Covid-19 and the Russian invasion of Ukraine and urging Congress to do this, ” Cillizza lamented.

“ It’s not very clear that there is much desire among Democrats – many of who are eager to get home and campaign before the midterm polls – to follow through on Biden’s push. ”

“ It’s most of a mess for Democrats. Along with a mess without any clear – or easy – solutions, ” he concluded.

This admission by CNN represents a larger pivot by the media away from Biden to recalibrate Democrat messages, according to DePauw College journalism professor Jeffrey McCall.

“ The particular establishment media ran for a long period with the narrative that Biden was the stable and seasoned president the nation needed, ” McCall told Fox News Digital on Wednesday.   “ That narrative broke down long ago in the minds of several Americans, including left-of-center those who voted for Biden. ”

“ The nation’s economic and international difficulties have been looming for some time and American citizens have known that will, ” he continued. “ The media was past due to the party and is just now figuring out that the narrative they’ve been pushing looks pretty hollow to regular Americans who seem to perceive the frail Leader is not up to the challenges area faces. ”

“ The liberal mass media is now having to face the reality of a struggling Biden presidency, not because they think he could be ineffective on policy issues, but only because they fright potential bad results in the midterm elections, ” he or she concluded.

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