Dementia-Riddled Crooks Run The United States

Just how did we let this happen?

Some seniors spend their particular twilight years in their own homes.

Many move into the nursing home.

And a select couple of continue to pull the levers of power debasing probably the most powerful country in the world in order to protect and add to their particular ill-gotten fortunes.

The youngest member of Democratic leadership will be 71-year-old Senate Majority Chief Chuck Schumer of New York, while 88-year-old Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa is running again to hold on to his seat.

The longest-serving Senator, 88 year old California Senator Diane Feinstein, is worth well over a billion dollars which includes 96 million of her own fortune combined with her past due husband’s assets, acquired from a senator’s base salary of around $174, 000.

Like her crony Pelosi, Feinstein has opened the doorway to contracts for her husband’s company through the years related to one particular federal crisis after an additional.

But apart from the fleecing of America, Feinstein and Pelosi’s mental health and fitness has frequently come into question.

Without expression limits or age limits, we are allowing dementia to rule over our prescient present and the impending ” new world ” Order future.

The American program has become a Country Club of decrepit scamming millionaire globalist pawns lording over neglected more youthful generations that are left to pick up the pieces after the old establishment releases it through the grip of their corpses.

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