Ukraine Has Received Fighter Aircraft From Unnamed US Friend – Pentagon

Revelation comes as Biden reportedly preparing yet another $800 million arms package to Ukraine

Initially since the Russian invasion started, the Pentagon on Tuesday issued cryptic confirmation that  Ukraine has received jet fighter planes.

In a press briefing spokesman John Kirby has been careful to say it wasn’t the United States who sent all of them, however.

This individual also didn’t specify what kinds of aircraft were sent, just that Ukrainian forces  “ right now have available to them a lot more fixed-wing fighter aircraft than they did two weeks back. ”   Kirby  described ,   “ Without getting into what other countries are providing, they (Ukrainian forces) have received additional platforms and parts to be able to enhance their fleet size. ”

“ Other countries who have experience with those types of aircraft have been able to help them get more aircraft ready to go, ” Kirby added. When it comes to US role, he just specified  assistance given in the shipment of some components, but that the  ALL OF US has “ not transferred whole aircraft. ”

Ukraine’s President  Volodymyr Zelensky has for several weeks been lobbying Western capitals to “ close the particular sky” – or impose a no fly zone – which would effectively ensure direct Russia-NATO war. While he’s recently backed off that rhetoric slightly, he’s instead taken the strategy of saying that  when his Western backers usually are ready to commit to a NFZ, then they can at least offer aircraft.  

As for this fresh Pentagon admission of jets previously being recently transferred to Kiev, a number of possibilities remain as to which country is behind it. Last month, Poland offered a deal to give Ukraine its almost two dozens MiGs if Washington might replenish its lost provide by upgrading Warsaw with US fighters. Apparently caught away from guard by the move, the Pentagon rejected it.

Slovakia is another likely possibility  after it delivered an S-300 system and missiles to Ukraine, with all the US agreeing to resupply the country with Patriots. Slovakia followed by offering to send MiG jets in a similar installation based on the US sending improved American planes to replace.

Likely it’s one of these Eastern European or Baltic NATO countries that provided the aircraft Kirby referenced Tuesday. The revelation emerged just as Joe Biden is said to be readying approval of yet another $800 million arms package to Ukraine, which would bring total military aid given since the war started to  surpass $3 billion dollars.    

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