YouTuber Who Said Cancel Lifestyle Was a Good Thing Gets Cancelled

Ethan Klein was warned by Jordan Peterson the fact that mob would come for your pet and they did.

YouTuber Ethan Klein, who previously said that cancel culture was a good thing, complained about losing all of their sponsors after being focused by a cancel culture mob over alleged “ homophobic” remarks.

You reap what you sow.

Earlier this year, Klein announced he was removing his previous interviews along with author Jordan Peterson over the Canadian academic being a “ dangerous gateway to the alt-right, transphobia, and covid misinfo. ”

Peterson responded by warning Klein that “ those who take part in cancel culture generally reside to regret it, ” adding, “ the chickens will definitely come home to roost. ”

“ You will be held to higher plus higher and soon difficult to maintain ethical standards from the very mob you presently wish to please, ” said Peterson.

“ Then you will make a mistake, and they will use you. With glee. Make sure you take this warning seriously. I actually liked you, ” he added.


Klein responded by asserting that being cancelled can sometimes be “ a good experience. ”


Properly, he certainly knows that feeling now.

After a clip of Klein producing comments about gay people, deemed “ homophobic” by the ever-sensitive alphabet people, proceeded to go viral, the YouTuber dropped all his sponsors.

During their show earlier this week, Klein complained, “ Today we now have no sponsors because… the wonderful fans have taken this upon themselves to write every our sponsors and to ask them to can(cel), not to support all of us. ”

Klein appeared to be cautious about using the term “ cancel. ”

The YouTuber continued to explain how it was “ painful that people would accomplish that. ”

“ It’s kind of crazy they just drop you like a bag of dirt more than some bullshit, ” stated Klein, referring to the sponsors who cancelled on your pet.

After having initially opposed ‘ woke’ snowflakes in a series of video clips several years ago, Klein reversed course and became a beast of the establishment after meeting YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

He has repeatedly called for other people to be deplatformed and cancelled over ‘ controversial’ remarks, so the proven fact that it’s now happening to him isn’t without paradox.

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