Movie: Psaki Doubles Down, Declares Teachers Should Be Talking To Five-Tear-Olds About Gender Identity

“What do you do if a parent or a kid, should I state a kid, in one of these elementary schools says, ‘What about Sally, Sally has two moms? ‘ or ‘I’m not sure if I’m a girl or a boy? ‘”

After sobbing about Republicans in Florida trying to avoid teachers from talking to children barely above toddler age about sex earlier in the week, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki declare Thursday that kindergarten age kids should be discussing whether they are “ a girl or a boy” with teachers.

In an interview nobody saw because it was to the already defunct CNN+, Psaki declared “ The law’s not about teaching sexual intercourse education.   It’s about teaching gender identity. ”

Soon to be out of work host Chris Wallace asked “ Don’t mother and father have a right to have concern? I mean, we’re talking specifically here about teaching about sex in kindergarten by means of third grade. I have to state, as a parent, I would end up having that. ”

Psaki responded, “ Therefore what do you do if a parent or a kid, should I say a child, in one of these elementary schools  says, ‘ What about Sally, Sally has two moms? ‘ or ‘ Now i’m not sure if I’m a lady or a boy? ‘”

She contoimnued, “ I mean these are kids that are experiencing these moments within their lives.   I also think that these are not, there’s not really a big record of generally there being either sex schooling or extensive gender identification education in these schools which is creating a problem or even political cudjal or concern that I don’t think exists. ”

Apparently, is actually completely fine to sexually groom five year olds.


The doubling down comes on the heels of this performance:

Commenting on Psaki’s statements, Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds said that “ Jen Psaki needs to save her tears for the 13 women and men who died under May well Biden’s stale leadership in Afghanistan, [and] to save her tears for that young girls who are being raped due to Joe Biden’s reckless immigration policies. ”

“ Yes, young girls are being raped as these people being trafficked into the United states of america, ”   Donalds emphasised.

“ In what world is it OK to talk to an 8-year-old about their sexual identification? ” Donalds proclaimed, adding “ It’s crazy to me that we’re even getting this conversation. I have 3 sons. There is no way I would want any teacher talking to any one of my kids when they were in the third grade about their gender identity or their sex orientation, ” he additional.

Donalds further commented, “ It is incomprehensive, but this is proof positive of where the radical remaining has gone. They would rather children be indoctrinated on this stuff, but they would have no problem with young girls being raped because they’re being trafficked into the United States. ”

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