Censor The Internet Act: EU Wants to Expand Online Censorship With ‘Digital Services Act’

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both lobbied for the EU to back the online censorship bill.

The European Union is working to massively expand online censorship, strictly regulate speech during times of “ crisis” and limit online anonymity through digital passports.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both lobbied for your EU to back the particular censorship bill on Thursday night:

From  France twenty-four, “ EU agrees upon new legislation to tame internet ‘ Wild West’ “ :

The Digital Providers Act (DSA) — the second part of a massive project to regulate tech companies — seeks to ensure tougher consequences for platforms and websites that will host a long list of banned content material ranging from hate speech in order to disinformation and child intimate abuse images.

[…] Technology giants have been repeatedly called out for failing to law enforcement their platforms — a brand new Zealand terrorist attack which was live-streamed on Facebook in 2019 caused global outrage, and the chaotic insurrection in america last year was promoted online.

The darkish side of the internet also includes e-commerce platforms full of counterfeit or defective items.

[…] The regulation will require platforms to swiftly eliminate illegal content as soon as they are aware of its existence. Social networks would have to suspend users who have frequently breach the law.

The DSA may force e-commerce sites in order to verify the identity associated with suppliers before proposing their products.

[…] The European Commission will oversee yearly audits [of Big Tech firms] and also impose fines of up to 6 percent of their annual product sales for repeated infringements.

Looking over  the outline from the new agreement   it’s striking how they seamlessly conflate child sexual mistreatment material with “ unlawful hate speech. ”

Both are jumbled together as “ illegal content. ”

The law calls for plans to restrict totally free speech on the internet during times of “ crisis. ”

The DSA also  forces for   a “ public electronic identification (eID), ” which  Politico previously described as the “ National ID card” on your phone   that has its origins in vaccine passports and “ Digital COVID Certificates. ”

Though the eID comes under the guise of safeguarding people’s privacy, “ electronic rights activists … be concerned the proposal could allow the private sector to better gain access to people’s government-certified information, thereby actually strengthening the likes of Fb and Google and the focused advertising industry, ” Politico reported.

This particular law is the EU’s answer to the rising tide of populism and nationalism. Instead of offer any concessions towards the masses, they’re  imprisoning “ far-right” leaders, outlawing “ far-right” groups, sanctioning Hungarians in order to punish them for voting for Viktor Orban   and  starting witch hunts against Ocean Le Pen to sabotage her election chances.

This how they “ defend democracy! ”

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