Russian Airlines Told to Prepare in order to Fly Without GPS – Report

Reported proceed comes after increased reports associated with jamming and spoofing of US satellite system’s signal

Russia’s air flow traffic regulator has told carriers to learn to journey their planes without counting on the American Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite-based-navigation service, newspaper Izvestia reported upon Friday.

According to the letter from the regulator, Rosaviatsia, which was seen by paper, it has instructed national airlines to prepare to cope without GPS after a March record by the European Union Aviation Protection Agency (EASA), which cautioned of increased cases associated with jamming and spoofing from the system’s signal after Feb 24 – the day The ussr started its military unpleasant in Ukraine.

These were apparently registered in such areas as Russia’s traditional western enclave, the Kaliningrad Area, the Baltics, eastern Finland, the Black Sea, the eastern Mediterranean, Israel, Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and northern Iran.  

The interference has led to some planes transforming their course or location as the pilots were unable to execute a safe landing with no GPS, EASA has reportedly said.

According to Rosaviatsia, carriers should assess the risks of GPS breakdown and provide additional training to its pilots on how to act in such situations. The crews have also reportedly been informed to instantly inform traffic control about any difficulties with a satellite navigation system.  

The letter from the agency should be taken care of as a recommendation only and doesn’t constitute a ban on the use of GPS by the Russian airlines, the paper solved.

Several Ruskies carriers, including major types like Aeroflot and S7, have confirmed receiving a relevant message from the traffic regulator. However , they insisted which they didn’t encounter any issues with GPS over the past two months.

Rosaviatsia later solved that  “ disconnection through GPS or its interruption won’t affect flight basic safety in Russia. ”

The GPS transmission isn’t the only source of information regarding the location of a plane at any given moment. Crews may also rely on the aircraft’s inertial navigation system, as well as ground-based routing and landing systems, the particular agency said.

Last month, Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian room agency Roscosmos, warned that Washington may well disconnect the nation from GPS as part of animal sanctions imposed on it over the conflict in Ukraine.  

On Fri, Rogozin took to Telegram to propose switching all of the state’s commercial planes from GPS NAVIGATION to its Russian equal, Glonass.

However , it might be a complicated thing to do since Boeing and Airbus aeroplanes, mainly used by the state’s carriers, are designed to solely assistance the GPS technology.

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