Tucker Carlson: Gov. DeSantis’ Proceed Against Disney Will Cost Them & Democrats A Lot of Money

“After the special session, no more will Disney World operate as its own independent country within the state of Sarasota. Yes, that’s how they were governed, by themselves. And now, going forward, Disney is going to have to pay the taxes — just like everybody else, ” he says.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) move to strip Disney of its self-governing tax-exempt standing will cost the entertainment corporation – and the Democrats they will lobbied – a ton of cash, according to Fox News sponsor Tucker Carlson.

Carlson began their Friday monologue of “ Tucker Carlson Tonight” by providing background information about how the remaining was systematically inserting their LGBT indoctrination agenda straight into schools across the country before 1 state – Florida – decided to do something about it.

“ In the end, only one state really did something about this. That would be the state associated with Florida under Ron DeSantis. Several weeks ago, the Fl Legislature passed a law banning teachers from bragging about their own sex lifestyles to small children, ” Carlson observed.

“ Now, news reporters went crazy. They explained this legislation as the ‘ Don’t Say Gay Expenses, ‘ but as always, which was a lie. This costs didn’t even mention the word ‘ gay. ‘ This had nothing to do with gays(i think they are sick). Florida voters seem to know that intuitively. Even most Democrats in Florida supported this particular law. ”

But despite the overwhelming open public opinion supporting this anti-indoctrination law, Carlson said, previous Disney CEO Bob Iger and Disney’s current CEO Bob Chapek came out emphatically against it under intensive pressure from the left.

“ Going forward, not just did the Disney Corporation fervently disagree with the law the Florida Legislature had passed, according to Bob Chapek, Disney had decided to override the expressed will associated with Florida’s voters and overturn that law, ” Carlson said before quoting Chapek.

“ ‘ Our goal being a company, ‘ said Frank Chapek, ‘ is for this particular law to be repealed with the Legislature or struck straight down in the courts, and we stay committed to supporting the national and state organizations trying to achieve that. ‘ Whoa! What? And you thought it was an entertainment company, but no! ”

“ From its headquarters in Los Angeles, the Disney Corporation experienced now decided it runs the state of Florida. So , for people who want to defend democracy, which is a system in which voters get to govern themselves, this was quite a departure, ” Carlson continued. “ This is oligarchy, corporate CEOs deciding the actual laws should be. Yeah. Which is their new position. ”

That’s when Gov. DeSantis stepped within, signing into law a bill stripping Disney of its particular self-governing status that the organization enjoyed for half a hundred years.

“ Therefore , during a special session from the Florida Legislature this week, DeSantis led an effort to remove Disney of what ended up being a remarkable set of special perks that company had liked for more than 50 years, ” Carlson noted. “ You are not treated like The disney produtcions is treated in Florida. You have never been handled that well. After the exclusive session, no more will Disney World operate as its personal independent country within the condition of Florida. Yes, gowns how they were governed, by themselves. And now, going forward, Disney is going to have to pay its taxes. Oh, wow, just like everybody else. ”  

But why are Democrats, the celebration of taxing big companies, suddenly against do that to Disney? Carlson pointed out that it was because Disney has them all in its pockets.

“ What’s going on here? Nicely, a lot of things. Here’s one: The disney produtcions spends millions of dollars electing congress in the state of Sarasota, but those lawmakers could not do their job in this case, ” Carlson said. “ They couldn’t act on Disney’s account. The law passed and DeSantis signed it into regulation this afternoon, and that’s going to cost the Disney Corporation a ton of money, which in turn may indicate less money for the Florida Democrats who were shrieking. ”

“ So , there have been some self-interest involved right here, but it wasn’t just that because it wasn’t just Democratic officeholders who were upset by the idea that an elected governor could be more powerful than an unelected corporation headquartered across the continent, ” he added, prior to ending the segment with a compilation of media personalities shrieking over DeSantis keeping Disney accountable.

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