Fmr U. S. Ambassador to Ukraine Says Trump Would’ve Prevented War — And That’s A Bad Thing

Marie Yovanovitch, who have testified against Trump throughout his 2019 impeachment, accepted that the former president might have prevented Putin from invading Ukraine.

Marie Yovanovitch, the former ALL OF US Ambassador to Ukraine under Trump who testified towards him during the 2019 impeachment trial, hilariously stumbled in to admitting that if Trump is at office he would have averted the war diplomatically — but then pivoted to requiring that’s a bad thing.

The remarkable exchange, which took place Sunday on PBS, was highlighted by Michael Tracey:


MARGARET HOOVER: Leader Trump has claimed that this invasion quote never might have happened in the Trump administration. I’ve heard that you have also suggested that Putin might possibly not have gone to war if Trump was still in workplace. And you said quote, you don’t need to go to war if you’re obtaining everything you want through other means. Tell me what you supposed by that.

MARIE YOVANOVITCH: Trump was very dismissive of NATO – I mean, dismissive, it’s obviously a diplomatic word – extremely critical of NATO, vital of our allies. And his close associates, including John Bolton, have said that if he previously won a second term, he’d have pulled us out of NATO. I mean, why visit war with Vladimir Putin if the United States is going to present kind of the corpse associated with NATO on a silver platter? You don’t need to do that.

HOOVER: I mean, how can you think the invasion might have been different if Trump had remained as leader?

YOVANOVITCH: I think that Trump would have provided Putin with sufficient of what he desired that perhaps he wouldn’t have invaded.

HOOVER: When Trump had had a second term and you think that Putin wouldn’t have invaded because of that, what would Ukraine look like?

YOVANOVITCH: We are right now getting into– You know, for this reason diplomats are told  [LAUGHS]   never to answer theoretical questions!   Therefore we’re getting into areas of– you know, I mean, it’s a hypothetical question, right?   I don’t know what Trump would have done, and I can’t say for sure what Putin would have completed. But I can’t see Trump, President Trump standing up designed for Ukraine the way President Biden is right now.

Another victory secured for our foreign plan establishment!

Take that,   Sara Mearsheimer!

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