Psaki: ‘Limitations’ On Biden Never have Allowed People To See ‘His Magic’

WH press secretary’s gaslighting efforts to whitewash Biden’s obvious dementia symptoms fail miserably.

White Home press secretary Jen Psaki insisted that Biden’s low approval ratings and awareness of failure as chief executive are driven by COVID “ limitations” placed on him that don’t allow the United states people to see “ his magic. ”

You can’t make this upward.

Participating in a panel for the Bipartisan Policy Center moderated by NBC News correspondent Kelly O’Donnell on Wednesday, Psaki was asked whether Biden was “ frustrated” that he is not seen as “ as the most effective communicator himself. ”

“ Look, I think every president possibly is frustrated at occasions when they are not, do not think that their views, their interests, their policies are being heard and digested. There’s lots of causes of that, ” Psaki claimed.

According to Psaki, one of the reasons Biden’s not viewed as an effective communicator has nothing to do with the glaring proven fact that he can barely string phrases together , but rather because the American people tune out “ long speeches. ”

“ You understand, there are good questions that, I know this is not a section about this, but like, are usually long speeches, still efficient means of communicating with the public. Probably not, right? ” she requested. “ I mean, we know that because if there’s a mean a a lot of ways that people digest information. Would he like to be traveling a lot more out in the nation? We’ve been talking about this for some time. Yes. ”

Psaki went on to declare in a meandering way that will COVID policies have put “ limitations” on Biden’s ability to “ connect and be empathetic” to the public.

“ I mean, he’s he’s traveling three times this week, and in some ways I actually look at there are limitations that have been imposed upon him and us because of COVID which i think have not allowed people to see at all times what what his magic is, correct? ” Psaki said. “ Which is his ability to link and be empathetic and talk to people and hear their stories. And often a lot of which is just spontaneous. And because he hasn’t been traveling much, I think that’s been limiting. ”

“ But I do think the speeches, I mean, we have kind of, we’ve done fewer speeches in some ways, ” the girl admitted. “ And as with any White House, you’re often trying to think about how to rescue their life from the bubble of matters. So I don’t know. It’s a continuous debate. But as you observed also, there are realities associated with what we have to communicate regarding. And if you’re in the Whitened House, you have to communicate about everything happening in the world, right? ”


Psaki’s remarks come amid record-low approval for Biden due his disastrous policies that have led to rampant inflation, high energy costs, skyrocketing inner-city crime, a flattened southern border, and protracted conflict in Ukraine.

To make matters even worse, Biden’s cognitive impairments be obvious by the day, the latest example occurring last week when this individual was seen being corralled by the Easter Bunny when he attempted to converse with a crowd at the White House.

No amount of gaslighting simply by Psaki can stop people from witnessing for themselves the unfortunate reality of Biden’s ailing mental capacity.

Biden’s Easter Devastation Is The Cherry On Top of Their Dementia

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