Crisis: Leftist Group Demands Tweets Deal With Elon Musk Consist of Preconditions To Keep Trump, Alex Jones Off Platform

“The only thing even worse than Twitter re-platforming sites such as Donald Trump and Alex Jones… is the perverse stress it’ll create on additional major social media platforms, effectively igniting a race to the bottom, ” says Mass media Matters.

The left is losing it over the prospect associated with Elon Musk bringing back again free speech once he closes a deal with Tweets to buy the platform, specifically since it could result in the reinstatement associated with Donald Trump and Alex Jones.

Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters for The united states, a radical pro-censorship propaganda website, characterized Musk’s imminent buyout of Twitter the “ victory for disinformation and the people who peddle this. ”

“ Twitter’s Board of Directors must recognize that if Musk is successful, Donald Trump, who was simply banned from the platform just for repeated violations of conditions of service and incitement to violence, will almost certainly end up being replatformed in weeks, ” Carusone said in a statement released Monday.

“ Other extremists and whitened supremacists will also likely get their accounts restored too. ”

According to Carusone, what’s more terrifying than getting Trump and Jones to Twitter is the prospect that will other social media companies follows suit.

“ The only thing worse than Tweets re-platforming the likes of Donald Trump and Alex Jones — as well as reversing course in dealing with disinformation and extremists — is the perverse pressure it really is heading create on other main social media platforms, effectively igniting a race to the bottom level, ” he said.

Carusone stated that this digital public square will be opened up to a “ floodgate of lies and hate” if Twitter is no longer in a position to censor accounts the left doesn’t like.

“ This potential deal is about much more than the long term of Twitter, ” Carusone noted. “ A purchase to Elon Musk with no conditions will pollute the entire information ecosystem by starting the floodgate of detest and lies. Twitter’s board needs to take this into account at this point before the deal is done. ”

If Alex Jones and Trump are simply conduits of “ hate and lies”, why perform they present such a threat to the left?

Preferred, Trump and Alex Jones are extremely effective at calling away the left’s propaganda, bogus news, and radical policies, so much so that bringing all of them back into the digital community square presents an existential threat to the left’s control of the mainstream narrative.

After a day of negotiations in the face of shareholder stress, Twitter is reportedly for the verge of accepting Elon Musk’s $43 billion bet to take the company private the moment Monday, Reuters reported .

The news has caused Twitter shares to spike simply by 5%.

Musk has stated on several occasions that his desire for buying Twitter stems from their desire to recover free speech , also for his “ worst critics. ”

“ I hope that also my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means, ” Musk tweeted Monday.

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