Outbreak of Hepatitis in Kids Caused by Lockdowns That Weakened Immunity

Another alarming negative impact of lockdowns revealed.

A shocking outbreak of hepatitis cases in children may have been brought on by lockdowns and social removing, which served to deteriorate immune systems, according to health experts.

The global surge has so far impacted 12 different nations, with 169 cases associated with “ acute hepatitis of unknown origin” detected considering that last October, the WHO announced.

Most of the cases have occurred in children under the age of five, with 17 requiring vital liver transplants and one kid dying.

“ Officials probing the outbreak in Britain said a lack of exposure to common infections throughout their ‘ formative’ years might have left more children compared to usual vulnerable to the fatal liver disease, ” reports the Every day Mail .

“ Many experts warned during the pandemic that securing down children, despite their low risk of severe Covid, could weaken their immunity against other illnesses, as well as hamper their education and long-term health. ”

Most of the cases in the UK have been linked to adenoviruses, which cause the common cold, but this can develop into hepatitis if a weakened immune system is not able to fight it off.

“ I think most likely children mixing in kindergartens and schools have cheaper immunity to seasonal adenoviruses than in previous years due to restrictions, ” said Teacher Simon Taylor-Robinson.

“ This means they could be a lot more at risk of developing hepatitis because their immune response is certainly weaker to the virus, ” he added.

The long term consequences of lockdowns are still being felt, with individuals dying from missed cancer screenings, hospital appointment waiting around lists elongating, and a whole generation of children struggling with intellectual development and speech disorders.

The effect of missed schooling, along with depression, isolation and other aspects exacerbated by lockdown may also continue to have negative knock-on effects for years to come.

As we previously highlighted , a major study by Johns Hopkins University concluded that global lockdowns have had a much more detrimental impact on society than they have created any benefit, with experts urging that they “ are usually ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy device. ”

Everyone who thought they were in the ‘ right side of history’ by choosing to aid lockdowns, and call for the particular silencing and deplatforming of those who spoke out, today find themselves very much on the incorrect side of history.

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