SALTY: Cry Babies Throw Out Their particular Toys Over Musk Twitter Buy

Someone call a wahmbulance

Elon Musk has bought Twitter every whining cry baby NPC who can’t handle views that do not conform to the particular received consensus is screaming into the ether.

Practically every blue check out lib is vowing in order to leave for good, just like they vowed to leave the particular U. S. when Trump was elected but certainly not did.

Why don’t take a look!

Warning: Extreme salt content

Elon Musk is from South Africa, so that means this individual loves white nationalism. Yeah, OK. Just like every German is a Nazi. Good reasoning. Now cry some more.

Twitter employees lost their own shit over the fact they will not be able to control what the entire world sees and hears any more:

What you’ve just read is only the tip of the saltberg.

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