SCOTUS reinstates woke admissions criteria that top Virginia senior high school enacted after George Floyd’s murder

School wanted to ‘diversify’ student body – regardless of Asian parents branding this racist

Supreme Courtroom justices have temporarily reinstated a woke admissions plan at one of America’s best schools despite a federal determine previously ruling it was hurtful.  

The high court did not describe its order Monday that allows the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology to continue using its admissions policy, while the Fairfax County College Board appeals the lower court’s February ruling.  

Fairfax County School Board changed its admissions policy in the wake from the killing of  George Floyd  in May 2020 to boost ‘ equity’ at the school.  

Black and Hispanic students made up a very small portion of the pupil body. That has now changed – but Asian-American mother and father say it has come at the expense of their children, which it is racist.  

Parents had protested the ‘ unfair’ admissions process at a school board meeting in March which includes Asian American parents within Fairfax County saying the policy discriminated against youngsters.

On this occasion, the U. Ersus. Supreme Court decided not to part of to prevent Fairfax County General public Schools from using the admissions policy for next school year.  

The county public school system made changes in order to try to bring more diversity to the school, leading to a lawsuit against the school board.

Justices Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas said they would possess granted the request through the parents’ group, Coalition just for TJ, to suspend the particular admissions policy.

The court has a 6-3 conservative majority, with the woke policy highly-likely to be struck out if it does appear before the justices as a full case.

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