EUROPEAN UNION Threatens Elon Musk: “It’s Not Your Rules Which Will Apply Here”

Promises to take platform’s revenue plus ban it if it will not comply with “our own rules for hate speech”

As new Twitter owner Elon Musk noted that censorship zealots have exhibited a good “ extreme antibody reaction” to the idea of free speech returning to the platform, the EUROPEAN issued a threat in order to Musk, telling him that his ‘ rules’ refuses to apply in their territory.

Speaking to The Financial Occasions (paywalled), EUROPEAN UNION commissioner for the internal marketplace, Thierry Breton, declared that Musk’s Twitter will be forced to comply with European digital guidelines, or be subject to enormous fines and even a ban through the entire bloc.

“ We welcome everyone. We have been open but on our problems, ” Breton passive aggressively declared.

“ At least we know what to tell him: ‘ Elon, there are rules. You happen to be welcome but these are our rules. It’s not your guidelines which will apply here, ‘”   the EU elitist added.

Breton continued, “ Anyone who would like to benefit from this market will have to satisfy our rules. The [Twitter] board will need to make sure that if it operates within Europe it will have to fulfill the particular obligations, including moderation, open up algorithms, freedom of speech , visibility in rules, obligations in order to comply with our own rules meant for hate speech, revenge porno [and] nuisance. ”

What kind of freedom of speech would that end up being? Speech that the EU agrees with?

“ If [Twitter] will not comply with our law, ” Breton warned, “ you will find sanctions — 6 percent of the revenue and, if they continue, banned from working in Europe, ” he further threatened.

The FT notes that will Breton was a key builder of the bloc’s Digital Services Act , which will see social media companies forced to present to unelected EU bureaucrat regulators how they are moderating ‘ disinformation’ and ‘ war propaganda’ (i. e. anything that doesn’t suit the EU narrative) on their platforms.

That it is essentially another Ministry of Truth in action.

The EU’s threats in order to Musk come on the high heels of Joe Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki lobbing a veiled warning which the administration is “ concerned” about the “ harm” brought on by “ large social media platforms. ”

Musk has described free speech as “ the bedrock of a functioning democracy, ” and promised to expunge bots plus make the platform’s algorithms open up source.

He has also signalled that every opinions within “ the law” will be classed because freedom of speech upon Twitter.

Probably most tellingly, Musk mentioned that Twitter suspending The brand new York Post over the Seeker Biden laptop story was “ incredibly inappropriate”:

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