Polls Show Support for Biden Plummeting Throughout US as Youth Approval Hits Report Low

Democrat insiders discover “doom” on the horizon

Democrat reporters see “ doom” on the horizon ahead of midterms and say Biden officials are ‘ heading for the lifeboats’ as being a wave of high-level resignation began Monday. Only 41% of Americans 18-29 say yes to of Joe Biden’s performance as president, a new study revealed Monday.

According to  polling   in the Harvard Institute of Politics, President Biden’s approval rating has dropped nearly 20% in just one year, amid skyrocketing living costs and near-record gas prices which pro-Democrat media outlets have unsuccessfully attempted to pin on Russian federation.

And the bad news for Biden is not going to stop there. Tracking by Morning Consult Political Intelligence reportedly suggests Biden has a  net disapproval rating   within 40 out 50 states– including every single one of the important battleground states on which the particular Democratic Party’s hopes for sustaining control of Congress depend. Within West Virginia, a whopping 74% of respondents disapproved from the US President, and internet approval for Biden amongst independents fell by 38 points in Michigan, and 33 points in Atlanta and Minnesota, they found.

But wait– it gets even worse. An additional poll published Monday discovered 63% of voters “ did not want Biden to run for a second term. ” Data collected by Harvard CAPS and Harris  suggested   58% “ were open” in order to supporting an independent presidential candidate in the event of “ a contest between President Biden and former President Trump. ”

“ We’ve never seen a number this high for an independent run, ” the survey’s co-director reportedly told The Hill.

Even amongst Democrat voters, inflation has become the number one issue on voters’ minds, according to a new Yougov/Yahoo poll published Monday which usually found that  not even a majority of Democrats   believe Biden is doing sufficient to address the issue.

On Friday the New You are able to Times published comments from Democratic Party insiders  indicating   abysmal morale ahead of November’s midterm elections. “ Are you calling to ask me about our impending doom? ” one reportedly responded. People are “ feeling like it could time to head for the lifeboats rather than trying to steer the particular ship, ” former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs said.

Certainly, citing a desire to ‘ spend more time with his family, ‘ top Biden aide Cedric Richmond announced he’s leaving behind the administration on Monday– reportedly   in order to move to the private sector. Reuters described Richmond’s departure as the first in a wave of top officials leaving. The “ personnel shakeup” is likely to include Whitened House climate adviser Gina McCarthy and press secretary Jen Psaki as well.

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