View: Trans Person Triggered Over Being ‘Misgendered’ By Gynecologist

‘Maybe I’ll confront the girl at my next appointment, ‘ the person suggested

Popular Twitter account Libs of TikTok published a new video Wednesday showing a transgender individual venting on camera about getting “ misgendered” by their gynecologist.

The person, presumably a biological female taking hormone medication to outwardly appear as a guy, explained they had a gynecologist appointment in order to get a birth control device implanted into their supply.

“ Our gynecologist is usually pretty… sincere, I’ve only had 2 appointments but she’s highly regarded me as a trans individual, ” the individual said. “ Well, today as I had been checking out for my appointment, I was standing right there before her and she starts speaking with the nurse that’s checking me out and she misgendered me right in front of myself. ”

The person continued, “ I failed to say anything because it was 10 o’clock in the morning which is early for me, it simply didn’t seem worth it. Probably I’ll confront her inside my next appointment in 6 months if I remember. ”

This is actually the kind of content the still left wants to prevent from going viral online, as shown by the most recent attacks on Libs associated with TikTok.

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