Liberals Wage Cringe Strawman Assault On Trump Supporters

The left is magnifier one woman’s strange values to attack all Trump supporters

A left-wing comedian adopting the footsteps of failed liberal comedian Jordan Klepper launched a video Tuesday that rapidly went viral online.

In the cut, Jason Selvig talked by having an alleged Trump supporter who have thinks Joe Biden is usually dead and that “ many people” are “ actively playing Joe Biden” by wearing face masks.

The delusional woman actually said she thinks the actor John Carrey was playing Later on Biden when he once fell three times while walking up the stairways of Air Force One.

“ James Woods can also be one of the doppelgä nger mask-wearing people, ” the woman told Selvig.

While the lady’s preposterous claims are hilarious, these people absolutely do not reflect the particular beliefs of 99. 9% of Trump supporters.

The video received over 2 million views within 24-hours after liberals on Twitter spread it as being a stereotypical depiction of Trump voters.

Each James Woods and Jim Carrey began trending on Twitter as the video distributed.

A liberal himself, Jim Carrey left a comment, “ Oh dear, ” on the video’s post.

Popular leftist Twitter consumer BrooklynDad_Defiant wrote, “ In the event you missed it, trumpers think that Jim Carrey and conservative James Woods are privately pretending to be Joe Biden. We wish I were creating this up. ”

One person used the video to urge Democrats to vote.

This strawman tactic is common among the left.

The particular ridiculous opinion of one randomly woman is now being commonly connected with tens of millions of American voters who likely also think her allegations are strange and outlandish.

Even Newsweek and the Independent protected the random lady’s weird comment as a backhanded dig at the average Trump supporter.

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