Musk Condemns Twitter’s Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship: ‘Suspending’ NYC Post ‘Over Truthful Tale Incredibly Inappropriate’

Twitter notoriously blocked links to New York Post’s exclusive reporting upon Hunter laptop, which linked Biden to corrupt dealings.

New Twitter owner Elon Musk condemned the platform’s questionable banning of the New York Post during the 2020 election more than its fact-based reporting within the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Responding to reporter Saagar Enjeti, who seem to criticized Twitter lawyer Vijaya Gadde for allowing the particular censorship of the Hunter laptop story, Musk commented the Post ‘s banning at the time has been “ highly inappropriate. ”

“ Suspending the Twitter account of a major news organization regarding publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly improper, ” Musk tweeted Tuesday, suggesting he may have been previously aware of the issue.

Back in 2020, Twitter notoriously clogged links to the New York Write-up ‘s exclusive confirming on the Hunter laptop which, in addition to incriminating photos of Hunter engaged in questionable intercourse acts, included emails describing how  Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden did indeed meet a top exec from the Ukraine gas firm Burisma Holdings, where his boy served on the board of directors, eight months prior to pressuring Ukraine government officials to fire a prosecutor looking into corruption at the company.

The story received a significant boost of credibility this year when The New York Times and The particular Washington Post finally admitted the notebook was indeed authentic.

The Tesla CEO’s tweet prompted a hit piece from The Washington Post , which claimed Musk was using Twitter to innocent Twitter employees, such as Gadde – a public figure who notably appeared to the Joe Rogan Podcast within 2019.

“ Until now, Musk’s criticisms tend not to appear to have been personal or targeted at individual Twitter workers, ” the Post wrote. “ His responses to the tweets from Enjeti plus online influencer Mike Cernovich also reveal the chaos — and potential damage — that can ensue when the incoming owner of a business amplifies criticism of workers there. ”

“ Personal attacks from Musk are a nightmare situation for Twitter employees, who else in recent weeks have repeatedly expressed concerns within interviews and at a companywide town hall that they might be targeted by the world’s wealthiest man. ”

(At this point, it should be observed The Wa Post can be owned by Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos who’s already been the “ world’s wealthiest man” for the past four many years. Interestingly, WaPo makes simply no mention of this. )

The report continued to claim Gadde, who have many highlighted makes more than 7 figures a year, has been then set upon by Musk fanatics “ askin Musk to fire her and using racist language to describe her, ” and telling her she’ll “ go down of all time as an appalling person. ”

As noted by Summit News publisher Paul Frederick Watson , Gadde had been instrumental in removing President Donald Trump from the platform following the events of The month of january 6.

Contrastingly, Elon Musk has been to the receiving end of numerous death threats since his purchase by deranged activists claiming to take advantage of his totally free speech pledge.

Musk was also criticized simply by WaPo for responding to a tweet from Mike Cernovich pointing out another of Twitter’s top lawyers, John Baker, had a hand in fabricating fake Trump ties in order to Russia, to which he responded, “ Seems pretty bad. ”

Since Human Occasions host Jack port Posobiec commented, Musk’s buy didn’t just buy Twitter, this bought evidence on the establishment’s corrupt dealings.

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