Worldwide Internet Pact: US and 55 Other Nations Sign Pledge Days After Musk Twitter Buyout

Ruling elite working toward eliminating free conversation on a global level

A worldwide pact titled the “ Declaration for the Future of the Internet ”   was launched on Thursday by United States and co-signed by 55 other countries.

The Biden administration is once again putting globalism ahead of the U. T. Constitution.

The declaration has been labeled a  “ political commitment” intended to enact a “ positive vision” for the internet as it faces “ severe policy challenges. ”

The document also claims Russia and China and taiwan present a “ harmful new model of internet policy” while blatantly ignoring the extreme censorship taking place within nations like the UK, US and Canada.

“ We are united with a belief in the potential of digital technologies to promote connectivity, democracy, peace, the rule of law, sustainable development, and the enjoyment of individual rights and fundamental freedoms, ” the declaration says. “ As we increasingly function, communicate, connect, engage, learn and enjoy leisure time using electronic technologies, our reliance upon open, free, global, interoperable, reliable, and secure internet will continue to grow. ”

“ Companions in this declaration intend to work toward an environment that reinforces our democratic systems and promotes active participation of each citizen in democratic processes, secures and protects individuals’ privacy, maintains secure and reliable connectivity, resists initiatives to splinter the global  internet,   and promotes a free and competitive global economy, ” the announcement continues.

The particular timing of the pact is also curious as the world offers watched the global establishment panic over Tesla founder Elon Musk’s recent purchase of the social media platform Twitter.

Musk commented, “ Sounds like satire” on a publish announcing the global internet declaration.

One noteworthy portion of the particular agreement is that the nations included pledge to “ come together to combat cybercrime, including cyber-enabled crime, and prevent malicious cyber activity. ”

This comes at a time when Infowars and the like are warning of a huge false-flag cyberattack that could be used to further push the globe into the World Economic Forum’s Excellent Reset.

Additionally , DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas announced the creation of a “ disinformation governance board” on Wednesday.

The Section of Homeland Security’s brand new “ disinformation” unit will be headed by a woman whom says free speech can make her “ shudder” plus who falsely labeled the Hunter Biden laptop story disinformation.

This particular internet declaration is simply another globalist power grab at a time when the information war will be heating up worldwide.

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