$33BN Biden Ukraine Package Money ‘Journalists and Independent Media’ to Counter ‘Russian Propaganda’

The information battle is heating up!

The Biden Administration’s $33 billion Ukraine help package includes funding pertaining to information warfare.

The proposal consists of over $20 billion within military aid, $8. five billion in economic aid and $3 billion in humanitarian aid.

A White Home “ fact sheet” on the package information how the $8. 5 billion dollars in “ economic assistance” will be spent, including funding “ journalists and indie media” to “ kitchen counter Russian disinformation and propaganda narratives. ”

Journalist Michael Tracey accurately joked on Twitter, “ Nothing screams ‘ independent’ like being directly funded by the US Government as part of its ‘ information warfare’ initiative. ”

The fact page calls for journalists, activists and media receiving the U. S. tax dollars to “ promote accountability for Russian human rights violations. ”

This is an admirable goal, but exactly why is it limited to Russian human rights violations?

Independent journalist and ALL OF US military veteran Patrick Lancaster has been documenting war crimes committed by the Ukrainian military’s Azov brigade since the war began.

Will Lancaster qualify for the government handouts or is he prohibited because he reports on the incorrect side of the deadly discord?

Of course , only outlets and journalists whom obey NATO-approved narratives is going to be given the cash.

That’s if the money actually makes its way into the hands of journalists and independent media in the first place.

As CNN reported a week ago , the US doesn’t also know what happens to the weaponry it sends Ukraine when they enter the warzone.

“ We have fidelity for any short time, but when it enters the fog of battle, we have almost zero, ” a source briefed on ALL OF US intelligence told the outlet. “ It drops into a big black hole, and you have almost no sense of it at all following a short period of time. ”

This openly announced funding of information warfare comes as the global elite are freaking out over free conversation.

With Elon Musk purchasing Twitter plus threatening their stranglehold within the free flow of information, the particular globalists are working overtime to regain some control.

American shadow chief executive Barack Obama recently spoke out against “ disinformation” and insinuated people tend to be not smart enough to “ distinguish between fact, opinion, plus wholesale fiction, ” on social media sites.

On Wednesday, Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Protection announced the forming of the “ Disinformation Governance Board” headed by a proponent of the thoroughly debunked Russia collusion hoax.

Infowars ‘ Jamie White reports , “ The aim of the DHS Disinformation Governance Board will be to combat narratives the government would not like, specifically regarding the unlawful alien invasion of the U. S. southern border and the Ukraine-Russia conflict. ”

Then, on Thursday, the Biden administration put forward a global pact titled the “ Declaration for the Future of the Internet , ” which was co-signed by fifty five other countries.

The declaration is being tagged a  “ political commitment” intended to enact a “ positive vision” for the internet as it faces “ serious policy challenges. ”

The ruling class is usually visibly shaken at the concept of having to engage in the information battle on a level playing field as it would assure them defeat on the metaphysical battleground of ideas.

Alex Jones breaks down one example of Ukrainian propaganda that was ultimately proven to be a complete lie.

This kind of false information could be directly funded by your tax dollars!

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