Alec Baldwin Calls for Gun Control Months After Allegedly Capturing Woman Dead

Actor ironically calls to regulate guns after his own mishap where basic gun safety guidelines were ignored.

Actor Alec Baldwin, who’s in hot water for the shooting loss of life of a colleague on a film set, ironically called for weapons to be more regulated.

In an Instagram post Friday, Baldwin – who held the weapon that fired the deadly shot that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins – marketed an Occupy Democrats movie blaming the NRA right after gunfire broke out at a little league game in South Carolina.

“ The very childhoods of our kids interrupted by this insanity, ” Baldwin wrote.

“ We regulate a lot of things in this country in the attention of public health and safety. Medications, cars, professional licenses, etc . ”

“ We need gun control change. Now, ” he additional.

The irony of the actor’s calls to regulate firearms after his own gun mishap was not lost on internet users.

Recently video surfaced of the moments Baldwin was practicing drawing their weapon before the fatal chance the killed Hutchins has been fired.

The footage appears to show Baldwin’s finger pull the result in before the camera rolls in reverse.

The footage contradicts claims by Baldwin to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos a month after the tragedy in which he denied pulling the activate.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza told NBC’s Today display earlier this week Baldwin might still not be “ off the hook” in terms of criminal fees, and that the district attorney might make the final determination on whether charges will be submitted.

“ That it is too early to rule anything at all out right now. I don’t believe anybody’s off the hook with regards to criminal charges. I’ve said this before: I think there is complacency on the set, ” Mendoza said.

“ There was disorganization and a degree of negligence — whether that rises to a unlawful level, that will be up to the ag. ”

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