Cell Phone Radiation Causing Sharp Rise in Alzheimer’s Cases – Study

Other forms associated with radiation, including wi-fi, furthermore implicated

Cell phone radiation is certainly suspected of having negative effects in the body, and especially the brain.

Right now a  new study, published in Current Alzheimer Research , has shown a worrying link between contact with cell phone radiation and Alzheimer’s. Other forms of radiation, including wi-fi, are also implicated.

The study suggests that extreme exposure leads to increased levels of intracellular calcium in the human brain, a key feature of Alzheimer’s disease. The terrifying illness affects roughly six million Americans today and some estimations suggest that number will three-way by 2050.

Cell phone radiation and Alzheimer’s: worrying new study

It’s thought that exposure to cell phone radiation and wi-fi activates voltage-gated calcium stations (VGCCs). These channels have the effect of regulating intracellular calcium ranges.

When electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) activate these types of channels, calcium can quickly build up in the brain, adversely affecting it and possibly bringing forward the onset of Alzheimer’s.

In recent years, researchers discovered Alzheimer’s-specific changes in the brains of rats subjected to EMF pulses. The undesirable changes occurred in the hippocampus, a region of the brain which usually Alzheimer’s is known to affect.

“ EMFs take action via peak electric plus time varying magnetic energies at a nanosecond time range, ” explains study writer and Washington State College Professor Martin L. Pall in a  press release .

These peaks significantly grow with each increase in the particular pulse modulation coming from mobile phones, smart meters, and even the radar in self-driving vehicles.

“ Any of these may produce the ultimate headache – extremely early onset Alzheimer’s Disease. ”

Pall notes that both human genetic and pharmacological studies have shown an association between increasing VGCC activity and a growing number of Alzheimer’s cases.

Twelve recent reports on work-related exposure to EMFs showed that workers  near this rays generally had higher Alzheimer’s rates than their peers. Although Alzheimer’s-related changes in the human brain can start 25 years before real symptoms appear, these studies also showed that EMF exposure can shorten the particular onset period as well.

What’s more, the average age group that doctors are diagnosing Alzheimer’s at has also been lowering over the last two decades. Pall information that this has coincided with the massive growth in wireless communication technology around the world. Current studies have even found people  as young as 30 or even 40   suffering from the disease.

Several researchers fear that really young people who face constant exposure to cell phone and Wi fi radiation for several hours each day could end up with  “ digital dementia. ”

A written report in 2008 found that will two hours of everyday exposure to low-intensity mobile phone foundation station radiation led to “ massive neurodegeneration” in the minds of young rats. Another of the rats went on to die within one month.

Cell phone radiation and Alzheimer’s: what’s next?

Profesor Pall is now calling for more research, with a focus on 3 specific topics.

First, scientists need a lot more data on MRI scans which show abnormalities within young people displaying signs of “ digital dementia”.

Second, EMF exposure assessments are necessary for anyone between thirty and 40 receiving an early onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis. These assessments must compare their exposure to cell phone, cell tower system, Wi-Fi, smart meter, and  dirty electricity radiation amounts, against  normal levels.

Finally, Pall thinks there should be more examinations of people living near small cellular antennae for more than one year.

“ Findings from each of these studies should be shared with the general public, ” states Pall, “ so that everybody can take the steps necessary to reduce the incidence of early onset Alzheimer’s disease. ”

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