‘Embarrassment To Our Country’: Biden Laughs Awkwardly After Butchering ‘Kleptocracy’

‘Joe Biden fighting to say ‘Kleptocracy, ‘ which is ironic since his family literally is one. ‘

Joe Biden jeered awkwardly throughout a speech Thursday after he embarrassingly butchered the term “ kleptocracy. ”

Biden, 79, made the stumble whilst attempting to explain the administration’s plans to support Ukraine by holding Russian oligarchs plus elites accountable for profiting from the Putin regime’s “ kleptocracy. ”

“ Furthermore supplemental funding. I’m also sending to Congress a comprehensive package of — that will enhance our underlying work to accommodate the Russian oligarchs and make sure we consider their take their ill-begotten gains. We’re going to accommodate them. We’re going to seize their yachts, their luxury homes, along with other ill-begotten gains of Putin’s kleptocra… Yeah, kleptocracy, the klep… The guys who are the particular kleptocracies, ” Biden stated, before proceeding to have a good laugh and add, “ Require are bad guys. ”

The verbal flub did not go over well along with conservatives, who saw the blunder as yet another dementia-induced gaffe embarrassing the nation in the world stage.

Former Fox News journalist James Rosen, who was infamously spied on by the Obama administration, noted “ the pure length of the gaffe, [Biden’s] state of befuddlement – was unusual within the annals of the modern presidency. ”

“ Joe Biden isn’t well, ” tweeted radio host Clay Travis. “ This is an embarrassment to our country and the world. He can barely read. Everyone can see the look in his eyes here, he’s lost. ”

Townhall managing editor Bradzino Brown jestingly suggested the word may have intentionally been written into the script by a level of resistance fighter inside the administration.

“ May well Biden struggling to say ‘ Kleptocracy, ‘ which is ironic since his family literally is one, ” tweeted comedian Tim Young.

“ This is the same man running for re-election!!! ” outlined We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski.

Mediaite looked after the faux pas as another example of Biden attempting to overcome a stammer and stutter problem your dog is had for years, going on to declare that despite knowing this “ opponents have continued in order to attack Biden over such stumbles. ”

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