German born Lawmakers Vote Overwhelmingly To Send ‘Heavy & Complex Weapons’ To Ukraine

The bulk of individuals voting “no” included the particular right-wing Alternative for Indonesia (AfD) party, citing how the move feels close to the “declaration of war”.

Merely a week ago German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock stated that the country’s armed forces possess said it “ cannot supply weapons from its own reserves” to Ukraine.

Using Berlin coming under immense pressure from NATO allies, particularly the United States, after Chancellor Olaf Scholz  voiced fears of sparking   a WW3 nuclear showdown scenario with The ussr, Germany’s tune quickly transformed.

On Thursday lawmakers in the Bundestag, Germany’s lower house of parliament, voted overwhelmingly to say yes to sending  “ weighty weapons and complex machinery”   to Ukraine. According to national media  it passed with   586 votes in favor, 100 against, and seven abstentions.

The bulk of those voting “ no” included the right-wing  Option for Germany (AfD) celebration, citing that the move seems close to a “ announcement of war”. Senior AfD lawmaker  Tino Chrupalla said that it  “ could make us party to a nuclear war. ”

Though this view is now being terminated as merely excuse-making by “ far-right”, Chancellor Scholz himself said the same thing within a  Spiegel   interview published last Friday…

“ We need to do everything to avoid a direct military conflict between NATO and a heavily armed superpower such as The ussr, a nuclear power, ” the chancellor said during the time.   “ I will do everything to avoid a good escalation that could lead to Globe War III – there may be no nuclear war. ”

It was only days following this interview that Berlin signaled a complete reversal,   with the German Ministry of Protection announcing Tuesday that  delivery of  Gepard anti-aircraft tanks to Ukraine had been approved . However , it could take up to a year or even more for Ukrainian forces to be properly trained in the efficient deployment and use of the Gepard systems.

Thursday’s vote represents what appears to be Berlin’s new commitment to a policy of ‘ open-ended’ arming of Ukraine – much like the United States of late.   Deutsche Welle details the varieties of weaponry and assistance that will Ukraine can expect to receive dependent on  Thursday’s Bundestag vote :

In addition to heavy weapons,   such as  anti-aircraft systems  and armored vehicles , the particular measure passed by The german language MPs included provisions designed for sending heavier equipment in order to eastern NATO allies too.

Military aid should continue and accelerate wherever possible , according to the proposal backed by the ruling coalition as well as the biggest opposition party, the particular conservative Christian Democrats (CDU).

Germany will also  deploy more soldiers to enhance NATO presence in far eastern Europe , and motivate Russian soldiers to put together their arms and look for asylum in Germany as well as the EU.

Additionally , the calculate foresees an  appeal to   China for it to “ abandon its approval of war”   and actively support a truce.  

But as for calling on China to “ actively support a truce” – we wonder the degree to which this is also the active stance of NATO countries at this point, who seem to be rushing headlong toward escalation given the now constant ramping up of weaponry shipments to Kiev.

The Kremlin quickly voiced its frustration and condemned the vote…

In light of this, it could worth revisiting some of Scholz’s own words from last week: “ To avoid an escalation towards NATO is a top priority for me, ” and “ That’s why I don’t focus on polls or  let personally be irritated by shrill calls.   The consequences of an error would be dramatic . ” Despite Germany’s complete reversal, this is nevertheless truer than ever.


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