Hitting a New Low: Ukrainian Guy Posts Video Boasting associated with ‘Eating Russian Soldier’s Meat’

Then he notes it was always his dream to try the meat of a Russian.

The identity of the person behind the video is unknown, as the disturbing video was his only clip on YouTube – still, this particular fact does not make the video any less chilling.

An unidentified Ukrainian man shared a video in which he claims to have discovered a human bone along with meat in a burnt tank in the Gostomel area – a bone which apparently belonged to a deceased Russian soldier.

In the chilling footage, the “ blogger” proceeds to “ cook” what he claims is the human meat of the Russian soldier, only to taste this afterward.

He then notes it was always his dream to try the meat of a Russian.

Aside from YouTube, in which the video was quickly removed by the platform for breaking community guidelines, the man shared the footage on his Instagram page, attaching a harmful caption.

“ Yes, this is not a clickbate, ” he wrote. “ All large Telegram channels were shocked. What do you expect? Do you still believe we’re happy to see Ruskies soldiers? The best that awaits them is quick death. The worst – notice in the video. ”

WARNING: Image content.

It is unclear whether the meat he is noticed eating is indeed human, or maybe the man brought an animal bone fragments with him to create it as such. In a bizarre caption behind the video, the “ blogger” wrote that it was “ all staged, as well as the video shows only an imitation of what the author is talking about. ”

In the comment section of the now-deleted YouTube video, you pointed out that the tank where the “ blogger” discovered the bone could be a T-64 – a military vehicle  used by the Ukrainian energies . Therefore , the users stated,   the man may have eaten his own compatriot. The “ blogger, ” however , remained adamant that it was a Russian soldier, claiming that he saw Russian equipment scattered around the burnt tank and that he filmed in a location where Russian troops were stationed.

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