Meals Shortages In SIX MONTHS – The Globalists Are Telling Us What Happens Next

The Great Reset agenda suggested by WEF head Klaus Schwab is just one example of the many discussions hidden in simple sight by globalists concerning their plans to use economic and social decline being an “opportunity” to quickly set up a new one world system based on socialism and technocracy.

In mid-2007 the Bank for International Settlements (The main bank of central banks)  released a declaration   predicting a good impending “ Great Depression” caused by a credit market implosion.

That same year the particular International Monetary Fund also  published warnings   of “ subprime woes” leading to wider economic strife. I started creating alternative economic analysis just a year earlier in 2006 and I immediately thought it had been strange that these massive globalist institutions with far-reaching influence on the financial world had been suddenly starting to sound a lot like those of us in the liberty movement.

This was 16 years ago, so many people reading this may not even remember, but in 3 years ago the alternative media had already been warning about an approaching deflationary crash in US markets and housing for quite a while. And, not surprisingly, the mainstream media was always presently there to deny all of our issues as “ doom mongering” and “ conspiracy theory. ” Less than a year later the first companies awash in derivatives began to announce these were on the verge of personal bankruptcy and everything tanked.

The media response? They made two extremely bizarre claims simultaneously: “ No one could have seen this coming” and “ We saw this coming a mile away. ” Popular journalists scrambled to position them selves as the soothsayers of the day as though they said all along that this crash was imminent, yet, there were only a handful of people that actually did call it plus none of them were in the MSM. Also ignored was the proven fact that the BIS and IMF had published their own “ predictions” well before the crash; the media pretended as if they did not exist.

In the alternative mass media we watch the statements and open admissions from the globalists VERY carefully because they are not in the business of threat analysis; rather, they are in the business of threat synthesis. That is to say, when something goes very wrong in the world economically, central brokers and money elites with aspirations of a single central economic authority for the planet are ALWAYS found to have a hand in that disaster.

For some reason, they like to show what they are about to do before they do it.

The idea that globalists artificially generate economic collapse events will of course be criticized as “ conspiracy theory, ” but it is a FACT. For additional information on the reality of deliberate financial sabotage and the “ order out of chaos” ideology of globalists please understand my articles   ‘ Fed One Conference Away From Creating A Doomsday Sinkhole’   and  ‘ What Is The Great Totally reset And What Do The Globalists Actually Want? ‘

The  Excellent Reset agenda   proposed by WEF head Klaus Schwab is just an example of the many discussions hidden in plain sight by globalists concerning their plans to make use of economic and social decrease as an “ opportunity” in order to quickly establish a new 1 world system based on socialism and technocracy.

The primary problem with discerning what the globalists are planning is not in uncovering secret agendas – They tend to openly discuss their agendas if you know where to look. No, the problem is in separating the admissions from the disinformation, the lies from your truth. This requires matching upward globalist white papers plus statements to the facts and evidence at hand in the real world. Let’s look specifically at the food shortage problem within detail…

Food Shortages In Six Months

A week ago there was a torrent of press releases from global institutions all mentioning the same very same concern: Food shortages within the next 3 to 6 months. These statements line up very carefully with my own estimates, as I have been warning regularly about impending dangers of inflation leading to food rationing and provide chain disruptions.

The IMF, the BIS HIN ZU, World Bank, The UN, the Rockefeller Foundation, the planet Economic Forum, Bank of America and even Biden himself are all predicting a major meals crisis in the near term, and it is not a coincidence the policies of these very organizations and the actions of puppet politicians that work with them are causing the crisis they are now predicting. That is to say, it’s easy to predict a disaster when you created the disaster.

The claim is that Russia’s invasion associated with Ukraine is the primary cause, but this is a distraction from the real issue. Yes, sanctions against Russia will eventually lead to less food supply, but the globalists and the media are usually purposely ignoring the bigger danger, which is currency devaluation plus price inflation created by main banks pumping out many trillions of dollars within stimulus packages to prop up “ too big to fail” corporate partners.

In 2020 alone, the Fed created over $6 trillion from nothing plus air dropped it into the economy through covid well being programs. Add that towards the many trillions of dollars that the Fed has printed since the credit crash in 2008 – It has been the nonstop dollar destruction celebration and now the public is starting to feel the consequences. Lucky for that central bankers that covid struck and Russia invaded Ukraine, because now they can deflect all the blame for your inflationary calamity they have designed onto the pandemic and onto Putin.

Inflation hit 40 season highs in the US well before Russian federation invaded Ukraine, but let’s consider the ramifications of that battle and how it affects the meals supply.

The particular Russian invasion certainly disrupts Ukrainian grain production, making up around 11% from the total world wheat marketplace. Russia also maintains a 17% share and together both of these nations feed a large swath of third world nations plus parts of Europe with 30% of wheat and barley exports, 19% of hammer toe exports, 23% of canola exports, and 78% associated with sunflower exports.

It is the sanctions on Russia  that are a problem   well beyond Ukraine, however , as Russia furthermore produces around 20% associated with global ammonia and twenty percent of global potash materials. These are key ingredients to fertilizers used in large scale industrial farming. Farmers are usually estimating an overall price surge of around 10% in food markets, but I believe this is conservative. I am already viewing overall price increases associated with at least 20% from six months ago, and I expect right now there to be another 30% in cost hikes before this year is over. In other words, we are looking at 50% in average increases within 2022.

It is the sanctions on Russia which are a problem well beyond Ukraine, however , as Russia furthermore produces around 20% associated with global ammonia and twenty percent of global potash products. These are key ingredients to fertilizers used in large level industrial farming. Farmers are usually estimating an overall price surge of around 10% in food markets, but I believe this is very conservative. I am already viewing overall price increases of at least 20% from 6 months ago, and I expect there to be another 30% in price hikes before this year has ended. In other words, we are looking at 50 percent in average increases within 2022.

Standard government inflation data and CPI cannot be trusted. Double whatever numbers they give and will also be much closer to the truth. The inflation rate used  by Shadowstats. com , calculated using methods once applied by the US government in the 1980s before they will “ adjusted” their models to hide the data, supports our position so far.

The expectation among US agricultural experts is that China may fill the void exactly where Russian supplies disappear, yet it’s a mistake to make this particular assumption.

Something Weird Is Going On In China

China’s crackdown on covid infections has reached ranges so bizarre I have to inquire the question: Are their lockdowns really about covid, or even are they hiding something else?

The death rate of covid in Customer impossible to calculate precisely because they have never released proper data that can be confirmed. Nevertheless , almost everywhere else in the world all of us see a median infection death rate of 0. 27% for covid; meaning, over 99. 7% of people in the world on average have nothing to fear in terms of dying from the virus. But in China, the CCP is acting as if they are dealing with the Black Problem. Why?

Lockdowns have resulted in food disadvantages across the country as supply stores become strained and manufacturing remains shut in many cases. The storyplot many westerners are not hearing much about, though, is the fact that Chinese exports have essentially been frozen. This is very important and so i think it needs emphasis – Over  1 IN 5 container ships ON THE PLANET   are now backed up in Chinese ports due to their covid lockdowns. This is amazing.

Why might China do this over a disease we all know is not dangerous towards the vast majority of people? Why company the worst lockdown in the united states so far and starve their own people when the majority of Western governments have now given up on their pandemic fear mongering and the forced vaccination agenda?

I would suggest the possibility that China and taiwan might already be doing an economic war that many Americans and Europeans don’t actually realize is going on. This may be a beta test for a turn off of exports to the US and Europe, or it really is an incremental shutdown which is meant to become permanent. The bottleneck on trade may also be a precursor to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Taiwan is actually more  dependent and intertwined   with China’s economy than many people know. China is the biggest buyer associated with Taiwan’s exports and those exports account for 10% of Taiwan’s GDP. Taiwan has hundreds of thousands of workers and businessmen that travel regularly in order to China to work, another economic factor that is now strained by lockdowns. Furthermore, Taiwan has multiple corporations that will operate their factories on mainland China, all of which might be closed due to covid lockdowns.

All I’m saying is, if I was China planning on invading Taiwan in the near future, I might consider using covid as a cover for damaging their economy first and disrupting their export model. Communists see the population as being a utility that can be sacrificed if required, and China is perfectly ready to cause short term suffering to their people if it means long-term gains for the party. Over and above that, if I was going to take part in economic warfare with the west covertly, what better method than to tie up 20% from the world’s cargo ships plus disrupt supply chains with the intention of protecting the country form a “ pandemic? ”

The bottom line? Don’t depend on China to fill foreign trade needs for fertilizer substances or anything else as sanctions on Russia continue.

Inflation versus Supply vs . Control

It’s not just globalist organizations talking about incoming food shortages; the CEO of international food corporation Goya has  also recently warned   we are on the precipice of a food crisis. As I possess noted in the past, inflation results in government price controls, cost controls lead to lack of production incentives (profits), lack of earnings leads to loss of production, loss of production leads to shortages, plus shortages lead to government rationing (control over all large food sources).

As seen with almost every severe regime in modern background, control over the food supply is vital to controlling the population. It is only surpassed as a tactical concern by control over energy (which we will also discover shortages of soon because Europe sanctions Russian oil and gas and starts eating upward supplies from other exporters). The meals issue hits closest to home because we can see the consequences immediately on our wallets and on our families. There is nothing worse for many parents than the potential customer of their children going starving.

The popular media is once again ignoring any potential economic risk, specifically they are denying the notion of food shortages as something to be worried about. I say, why listen to someone that are always wrong on these types of events? If anything, I would at least take the terms of the globalists seriously when it comes to economic collapse; they benefit the most from such disasters after all, and they also have the many influence when it comes to triggering problems.

Preparedness nowadays costs nothing tomorrow. Insufficient preparedness today costs ALMOST EVERYTHING tomorrow. The choice for anyone having a brain is simple – Obtain prepared for the end of affordable and easily available meals before this year is out.

America Being Damaged From Within By Globalist Agencies of the Great Reset

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