Movie: Reporter Disproves US Media’s Claim Of Russian ‘Mass Grave’ War Crime

Will there be any retractions issued?

After seeing reports of an illegal “ mass grave” outside Mariupol, Ukraine becoming photographed by a satellite, Canadian independent journalist Eva E. Bartlett went to the site to further investigate the claim.

An NBC headline posted Friday read, “ Satellite imagery points to mass gravesite near besieged Mariupol. ”

Nevertheless , later in the article, NBC admitted the information was shipped by “ Ukrainian officials” and that the satellite image shows “ a possible mass gravesite. ”

According to the Washington Publish , “ The particular Mariupol City Council stated in a statement on Telegram that officials believe as much as 9, 000 civilians might be buried in the mass grave, where authorities said Russians forces ‘ dug new trenches and filled associated with corpses every day throughout 04. ‘ The council additional that it has information showing the bodies were ‘ buried in several layers. ‘”

The outlet went on to admit, “ There was no immediate 3rd party verification available of those statements. ”

Mainstream media ran with the Ukrainian government’s word regardless of the fact that nobody verified the claims.

Mariupol’s Gran Vadym Boichenko, who has considering that fled the city, used the alleged mass grave to paint Putin as a genocide-committing Nazi.

“ The largest war crime of the 21st century was committed in Mariupol, ” he told his citizens. “ This is the new Babyn Yar. Then, Hitler killed Jews, Roma, and Slavs. Now, Putin is usually destroying Ukrainians. We need to perform everything we can to stop the genocide. ”

Upon arriving at the location, Bartlett found no “ bulk grave” and was able to talk to the caretakers of the cemetery who confirmed every person at the site had their own coffin and their own hole within the ground.

RT journalist Roman Kosarev joined Bartlett on the investigative trip outside Mariupol on Saturday.

The pair found a massive cemetery with freshly dug person gravesites and dozens of vacant holes awaiting more departed locals.

While Bartlett filmed the hundreds of graves, two men exactly who work at the location arrived.

The men explained that there is one area meant for civilians to be buried plus another area for Ukrainian soldiers to be buried.

There is a process designed for identifying and labeling those who are being put to rest in the cemetery as well.

“ There is no mass serious or mass burials here, ” one man informed the camera.

Despite the mainstream media’s head lines telling Americans Russians involved in a war crime simply by dumping thousands of dead Ukrainians in a massive pit becoming disproved, don’t expect any front-page headlines announcing a correction anytime soon.

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