New Jan. 6 Footage Shows DC Police Officer Assaulting Unconscious Trump Supporter

Weapons expert and security specialist tells Epoch Times the particular strikes caught on film could constitute felony assault.

Footage obtained and compiled by The Epoch Times shows a Capitol Police officer beating a female January six protester, despite the woman being unconscious at the time and quite possibly already dead.

The previously hidden footage follows the final moments of Rosanne Boyland, among the four people who died on the capitol that day.

Boyland fell straight down and was crushed since police used tear gasoline and pepper spray whilst pushing back on a crowd attempting to penetrate an curved entryway into the Capitol building.

She was later attended by additional protesters who begged police for help, telling them, “ She’s gonna pass away! She’s gonna die! ”

Amid the chaos one officer is seen using a baton to strike Boyland’s body three times, as soon as in the ribs and two times in the head, as the lady laid out helplessly in dreadful need of emergency health care.

Boyland was also seen being struck the fourth time by Officer Lila Morris before the baton flies out of the officer’s hands.

Weapons specialist and security consultant Stanley Kephart told the Epoch Times the strikes could constitute felony assault.

“ I believe that the first thing that happened is an assault under the color of authority by Morris, ” Kephart said. “ That is a crime, an arrestable criminal offense. ”

The Epoch Times reports Boyland’s loved ones has been attempting to dispute the DC medical examiner’s judgment that she died through an Adderall overdose.

The footage also follows Boyland because she was dragged in to a Capitol tunnel by officers who attempted various resuscitation efforts.

Boyland’s father told the Times he was shocked with the brutality seen in the new video footage.

“ We have been not 100 percent [certain of] when she really passed, but agree it was in that time frame [4:21 to 4:26 p.m.] and probably before Lila Morris got hold of that stick, ” said Rosanne’s father, Bret Boyland. “ No matter whether Rosanne was lively or not, we were shocked plus appalled at the officer’s assault. ”


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