Representative. Massie Warns Congress Simply Legalized Transfer of Virtually Any Weapon to Ukraine

Bill allows Biden administrative to engage in lend-lease deals for military equipment

The legislation allowing the Biden administration to engage in lend-lease deals for army equipment with Ukraine along with other Eastern European countries authorizes the particular transfer of virtually any tool except nukes, US Consultant Thomas Massie said via Twitter.

“ Congress just authorized Biden to transfer almost any weapon of war, besides a nuclear weapon, in order to Ukraine. [Facepalm emoji] Insane! ” Massie mentioned on Thursday in an explanation of his ‘ no’ vote. The House of Associates on Thursday  passed the legislation  in a vote associated with 417-10, sending the costs to President Joe Biden’s desk to be signed straight into law. The Senate with one voice passed the bill previously in April.

Massie in the tweet  pointed   towards definition of “ defensive article” used in the legislation, which includes all weapons systems, munitions, aircrafts, vessels or additional implements of war with the exception of nuclear arms.

The lend-lease deals harken back to the famous Second World War-era policy people President Franklin Roosevelt, which usually supplied Allied nations such as the Soviet Union with weaponry and other materials. The proceed was considered an effective finish of US neutrality in the war and a step towards open support for the Allies.

The legislation comes amid a number of other efforts by Congress and the Biden management to support Ukraine amid the ongoing special Russian military operation, including a new $33 billion request from Biden to Congress for military, economic and humanitarian assistance for Kiev.

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