Sen. John Kennedy to Hannity: “Hate Speech” Must Be Prohibited From Twitter

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (R) told Sean Hannity on Thursday that so-called “ hate speech” must be banned on Tweets and Hannity failed to give any pushback.   “ Here we see braindead Sean Hannity and heavy Sen. John Kennedy in a single sentence talk about how important free of charge speech is and in the following say that ‘ hate speech’ must […]#@@#@!!

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy (R) told Sean Hannity upon Thursday that so-called “ hate speech” must be prohibited on Twitter and Hannity failed to give any pushback.  

“ Here we observe braindead Sean Hannity and dopey Sen. John Kennedy in one sentence talk about how important free speech is and in the next say that ‘ detest speech’ must be banned mainly because muh waycisms and muh andy-zemidisms! ” Gab left a comment on Twitter. “ Ladies and gentleman: ‘ Republicans. ‘ “

“ Dislike speech” doesn’t exist in America under the First Amendment as well as for Kennedy to say otherwise should disqualify him from office.  

Should you do not support free speech, you don’t need to support America.  

Kennedy’s position places him to the left of Supreme Court Justices  Sonia Sotomayor , Elena Kagan and the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

From  Valiant News :

“ Look look, exactly what Musk is proposing is usually nothing extraordinary, he simply believes in free conversation, ” Kennedy said. “ Well, what does free speech? It means you’re not free unless you have the right to express yourself. It indicates you’re not free unless you can say what you think. ”

“ Let me ask you, should generally there be – obviously you gotta have a limit, no one should be able make a actual threat against somebody – ” Hannity said.

“ The question is, if you really want to have a freedom associated with speech platform, I mean any reasonable person with a mind and a soul deplores real racism and deplores, um, real antisemitism, ” Hannity said, prompting Kennedy in order to agree with an “ Mhm. ”

Hannity asked, “ Uh, do you let those people say what they want and assume that the totally free market will weed them out and people won’t pay attention to them, or should presently there be some standards? That gets a little more complicated. ”

“ Properly, you shouldn’t allow hate talk, ” Kennedy declared.

Full video:  

In addition, Kennedy went on to say leftists should be allowed to say “ all white people are racist” on Twitter but produced no similar claim about allowing other forms of “ racism” or “ antisemitism, ” the issue Hannity really raised.

I actually don’t think that’s a coincidence. All of us saw how Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) final year  smeared Gab as an “ anti-Semitic platform” and pushed for it to become shut down.

These are “ GOP ideals. ”

It’s also no coincidence that Hannity mentioned nothing to pushback against Kennedy’s bulls*** — he also said nothing to speak out against the alleged “ far-right” being  banned en masse from social media at the behest of the ADL.

The average GOP congressman backed Big Tech banning the “ far-right” and that’s why they did nothing to pushback against censorship for 4 years straight ( other than demand more of this ).   The GOP did a lot more to pushback against Ben & Jerry’s for neglecting to sell ice cream in the Filled Palestinian Territories   than they ever do to fight Big Tech censorship.

Intended for his part,   Hannity is actively pushing transgenderism   and  nuclear war along with Russia   in the audience. Those are his priorities — he could not care less about protecting totally free speech.  

Seeing as how Elon Musk is in such a generous feeling, maybe he should step-up to the plate and buy the Congress next.   It’s already completely possessed by billionaires anyway , maybe we could get one billionaire in there who actually loves you about our country for a change!  

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