Southern Korea Agrees to Share Gasoline With Europe Amid Power Crisis – Report

Europe scrambles to secure natural gas amid conflict in Ukraine

South Korea is planning to send part of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Europe in an effort to alleviate the energy problems caused by a reduction in supplies through Russia, South Korean information agency Yonhap reported upon Thursday, citing unnamed business ministry officials.

Russia, hit by international financial sanctions, inquired European countries to start paying for the gas in rubles final month. On Wednesday, Ruskies energy company Gazprom announced the  suspension associated with gas supplies to Belgium and Bulgaria   as they refused ruble payments. Gazprom also warned that it would limit gas transportation to other countries in the event Poland plus Bulgaria tap the tube without authorisation.

South Korea has chose to send gas as it has got the capability for such support in spring, one standard told Yonhap, adding the fact that gas will be sent to European countries before summer and the volume of shipment will “ not have to get that much”.

Another official said that your decision was made at the demand of the United States or European countries. According to the report, the US asked Southern Korea in February to  help Europe   out with gasoline but Seoul turned down the request at the time.

The import price of natural gas for South Korea in late March was $1, 013 per tonne, up 20. 08% from the previous month, while in March 2021 the cost was just over $438, according to the report.

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