Trump Calls For Release Of Texts To And From Obama Chief Of Staff Leading Up To 2016 Political election – ‘Bad Things Would Be Revealed’

‘They spied on my strategy, they spied on our transition team, and they also spied on the White Home while I was in the Oblong Office. ‘

Donald Trump issued a statement on Friday, calling for the release of all text messages to and from Obama Chief of Staff Denis McDonough during the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election.

“ I immediately call for the release of most text messages sent to and from Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff during their attempt to overturn the 2016 Presidential Selection, ” he wrote. “ They spied on our campaign, they spied upon my transition team, plus they even spied on the White-colored House while I was in the Oval Office. ”

Trump continued, “ They will did everything they could to disrupt the peaceful move of power, and stop the particular ‘ Will of the People’ with their Russia, Russia, The ussr Hoax, Mueller Scam, and more. I wonder what the texts would reveal? Unlike my Chief of Staff, which usually show patriotic Americans worried about illegal and massive Selection Fraud in 2020, We say bad things would be revealed. ”

What does the 45th president know about this man’s communications and what do they contain which the American people should know regarding?

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